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BWW Blog: Extended College Decision Day - How I Ended Up at Marymount Manhattan College!

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BWW Blog: Extended College Decision Day - How I Ended Up at Marymount Manhattan College!

Choosing a college is hard, trust me I get it. It took me two tries before finally finding the right school for me. Thankfully, I found where I belonged but it wasn't easy. Here's the story of how I ended up at Marymount Manhattan College.

When I graduated high school I decided to begin my college experience in community college. This was a great choice because I really grew as a person and learned a ton. Once I completed my two years, and received my Associates Degree in the Performing Arts, I had to figure out where I wanted to continue my education. This was a huge decision, so I was being a bit indecisive. There are just so many stellar performing arts programs all over the world. They are very competitive, and with good reason because there are so many incredibly, talented people auditioning to be a part of them. To be accepted to at least one is a huge honor within itself. I was blessed enough to have been accepted into a few BFA Acting programs. I even got into one of my top schools, Marymount Manhattan College. Therefore, the decision should have been simple. I would choose to attend MMC and everything would be great! But of course, that's not how it went. I had to make things difficult for myself and choose a completely different school. Nothing is ever easy for me. I clearly like to keep my life exciting! Unfortunately, the school I chose to transfer too was not the right school for me. I wasn't happy there. As I shared in my college advice video on YouTube, if you're going to pay thousands of dollars to attend a college, and may even end up in debt, you might as well like the school you're going too. I finally came to my senses and thankfully, I was still able to transfer to MMC in the Spring.

Best decision I could have made for myself. It's such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by like-minded people and to have professors that genuinely care and want you to succeed. I was loving life for the two months I was there in person. I was constantly at rehearsals, outside of class, practicing what we had learned. Going to school in NYC is awesome because I have access to so many things. I would often stop on my walk home at a local book store and read a bunch of plays for hours. I can honestly say that I've seen so much growth in myself as an actor and person in such a short amount of time. It's important to find the college that motivates, inspires and challenges you and that's what I found at MMC. Had I never transferred again, who knows where I would be. It's okay to not get it right the first time when choosing a school. Don't be afraid to take a risk in regards to your education and training, as it may end up being the best decision you could have made! Always listen to your gut and don't second guess yourself because when you know, you know. I hope you all absolutely love the college's you chose to attend and if not don't be afraid to make a change. Change is good. It keeps life exciting.

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