Vivianna 2001

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Broadway show tunes, a mix of ballads and dance mixes. Nominated for a 2002 "Perry Award", and "MAC" award. Vivianna", the new musical. In the tradition of "Rent", and "Miss Saigon", a modern day retelling of the famous opera " La Traviata". Composed by Frank Anthony D'Agostino A mix of ballads and dance mixes. Featuring the hit dance single: "The Boy you want is gay"! (As heard on the Scott & Todd show WPLJ New York. Nominated for a 2002 "Perry Award", and "MAC Award". Reviews: MARIEANN MERINGOLO..... BACK STAGE (NY)..... Always a beguiling vocalist. HX MAGAZINE (NY).... A Vocal Morph between k.d. Lang and Streisand! ENCORE MAGAZINE (NY)...File her under " F" for future Superstar! BACK STAGE (NY): Roy Synder. " Belliveau does commendable work.... D'Agostino's songs are melodically attractive and in the main well crafted. Heard individually several would score." BERGEN NEWS: Larry Ledford. " D'Agostino's current crop of songs indicates an emerging talent of promise..." ELECTRONIC JOURNEY LINK (NY) : Jon Lee "D'Agostino's ballads are deftly written and lovely to hear........ The songs are upbeat funny and sometimes emotionally revealing. Michael Belliveau has a strong voice.... A collection of catchy well song show tunes." 1 The Drugs the Sex2 Love From a Distance3 Go Away4 Could a Young Love Save Me5 Could a Young Love (Reprise6 I Played the Game7 You Were Supposed to Be8 New York City Streets9 There Were Dark Days10 He Was a Child11 I Know I Will Never See12 The Boy You Want Is Gay!13 I'm in the a Crowd14 There Was a Magic Label:

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