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The Tempest - A Unique, Online Theatrical Experience at Twilight Theater Company


7/24/2020 - 7/25/2020


Twilight Theater Company

7515 N Brandon St
Portland, 97217
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The Tempest - A Unique, Online Theatrical Experience in Portland

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The Tempest
by William Shakespeare
July 24th - Part I
July 25th - Part II
Free event - Donations gladly accepted.

Stream will happen on our Facebook page!

Isolated. Island-bound. The scope of life reduced, activities and pursuits limited, cut off from family and friends. It is the reality now; one that is reflected in the setting for William Shakespeare's The Tempest. Thrown off course with no map of the terrain in which they find themselves, they must make do and find a way to emerge whole and, hopefully, better for the experience. Twilight Theater invites you to join us for this online interpretation, with a vision geared to optimize the Zoom platform, utilizing sound effects, professional editing, costumes and original music to enhance the production.

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