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Dear Marna at Imago Theatre


1/18/2019 - 1/26/2019


Imago Theatre

17 SE 8th
Portland, 97214
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Dear Marna in Portland

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Marna's boyfriend is a philanderer.Her best friend is an enigmatic camera man who listens about as well as her philandering boyfriend, and worst of all, Marna Martin can't figure out when she's dreaming and when she's awake.Stuck in the recurrent horror of making a perfect dating tape with a dash of identity crisis and a touch of existential malaise, Marna Martin is having a rough go. Her father suffers from late-stage dementia. Her mother has decided that the only way to deal with it is a sad-sack stand-up act that she hopes to take to all the geriatrics who she feels, are too often left behind. Written and directed by long-time Imago company member, Danielle Vermette, and starring Lucy Paschall and Sean Bowie, Dear Marna, an original, off-kilter comedy, opens at Imago Theatre on January 18thand runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday through January 26th.All shows begin at 7:30 p.m. with a suggested donation between $10 and $20.Tickets can be purchased at the door.Imago Theatre is located on 17 SE 8th.

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