OYL Theater Company Opens Applications For International Program

OYL International Program is a global training and performance program designed to inspire and broaden the artist.

By: Nov. 28, 2023
OYL Theater Company Opens Applications For International Program

Applications for OYL Theater Company's OYL International Program are now open.  For more information and to apply: https://oneyearlease.org/apprentice-program/the-program/

OYL International Program is a global training and performance program designed to inspire and broaden the artist, deepening their relationship with collaborative performance in an intercultural context. 

OYL International Program welcomes artists of all disciplines (actors, musicians, dancers, directors, designers, dramaturgs, choreographers, playwrights) to apply at any stage in their studies and/or career. OYL International Program aimsto create a company that is cross-disciplinary, multigenerational, and multicultural. 

Artists will work with OYL Theater Company in the remote, breathtaking locations of Varadenahalli Village, India; Lake Nojiri, Japan; and Papingo, Greece. Intrinsic to artistic activities, programming includes hikes into the stunning natural environment, as well as excursions into the cultural landscape of each country. 

Participating artists will collaborate with and perform alongside OYL's company members in the premiere of a new Greek translation of Ellen McLaughlin's Oedipus.  Following two months of training, workshops, attending shows, and rehearsing, the program culminates with participants performing in Greek alongside OYL company members.

The 2024 OYL International Program will be helmed by Akiko Aizawa, Amanda Culp, Ianthe Demos, Rinde Eckert, Leon Ingulsrud, Marie Kuroda, Christina Bennett Lind, Natalie Lomonte, and Ellen McLaughlin; alongside other company members and artists of OYL.  

For more information and to apply: https://oneyearlease.org/apprentice-program/the-program/

“Daring to unearth and excavate the modernity of Greek myths, daring to produce them as contemporary theater, and perhaps most important, passing this dare on to future generations. The evolution of the OYL Company is an act of repair, an act of love and hope in a world that is self-destructing before our eyes.”– Gabrielle Cody, OYL International Artist

About OYL's Production of Oedipus in northern Greece in August 2024:

In the summer of 2024 OYL's unique and groundbreakingtraining program will culminate in a production of Ellen McLaughlin's Oedipus in a new Greek translation by Meropi Papastergiou in northern Greece. 

Leon Ingulsrud will play Oedipus and Ellen McLaughlin will perform the role of Jocasta alongside a cast of OYL Company members and OYL International Program participants. The production will feature a score by Rinde Eckert, direction by Ianthe Demos, and movement direction by Natalie Lomonte.

Ellen McLaughlin is an extraordinary voice and her re-envisioning of ancient Greek texts is courageous, visionary, and an homage to Greek playwrights.  Her writing is lyrical, ancient, resonant, and intimate. OYL is honored to be producing her work in Greece in the theaters it belongs.  

OYL has been working in Greece since 2007, running a unique educational program in the Zagorohoria.  The company also performs Off-Broadway. This production of Oedipus will mark OYL's debut in Greece on a professional scale.

About OYL:

Founded in 2001, One Year Lease Theater Company (OYL) is a professional theater company based in New York City with a one-of-a-kind International Program. We are an artistic fulcrum around which theater, education, training, and inspiration spins. OYL is our home, a site of artistic pilgrimage, a creative lab for experimentation and risk-taking, and a harborer of community and collaboration.

Our work has been critically acclaimed as “first rate young actors” (Charles Isherwood, The New York Times) “theatrical witchcraft” (Scott Brown, New York Magazine), “riveting theater” (Ed Siegel, Boston's NPR), “fiery and fantastical”(Eric Sundermann, Village Voice), “screams of novelty”(Alexandra Villarreal, Huffington Post), “playfully poisonous” (Terry Byrne, Boston Globe), “a gleaming portrait of our collective contemporary existence” (Andy Propst, American Theater Web), “a celebration of theatrical energy” (Gerald Berkowitz, The Stage), "a captivating, visceral spectacle" (Morgan Kinney, Houstonia Magazine), "exquisite" (Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles). 

OYL received a 2018 Drama Desk Nomination (Sound Design, Balls), 2016 Drama Desk Nomination (Original Score, please excuse my dear aunt sally), 2016 Edinburgh Stage Award (Best Ensemble, please excuse my dear aunt sally), 2017 Houston Theater Award for Best Sound (Balls); and a 2017 Houston Theater Award Nominations for Best New Play & Best Set and Property Design (Balls).