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So, There's a Leprechaun Now? show poster

So, There's a Leprechaun Now? at Segriff Stage

Dates: (3/14/2024 - 3/17/2024 )


Segriff Stage

R-ACT Theatre Productions

134 Brighton Avenue, Rochester PA, 15074
Rochester,PA 15074

Phone: 724-775-6844

Tickets: $12.00

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Join R-ACT for the world premiere of "So, There’s a Leprechaun Now?", an adult comedy by Pittsburgh playwright, Brian Knavish!
Starring Sarah Orbin, Michael Phelps, Jenn Rian, Ted Froats, Colleen Tracy, and Johnna Lefebvre

When Hailey comes home from kindergarten and mentions that her teacher told the class there’s a magical Leprechaun who visits children every night leading up to St. Patrick’s Day – engaging in an elaborate series of pranks and antics along the way – her parents think it’s cute...until they realize they’re the ones who have to pull this shit off. When they reach out to Mrs. O’Leary for the details and learn she’s away on a cruise, an entire crew of parents is left scrambling, adlibbing and struggling to come up with a "Leprechaun narrative" that not only brings to life the St. Patrick’s Day fairytale that’s been thrust upon them, but also one that protects the Easter Bunny legend, the magic of Santa Claus and the innocence of childhood.

Note: This play contains adult language and themes and is not intended for children. In particular, it is not suitable for children who actively believe in legendary figures such as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and, of course, leprechauns.

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