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Puppet Players to Stream THE NEVERENDING Story Live on Facebook

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Puppet Players to Stream THE NEVERENDING Story Live on Facebook

Puppet Players has released the following statement regarding The NeverEnding STORY Live Stream:

It's tough out there. Nobody has any idea what they should do. Do we stay in? Do we pout? So we fight? Do we cry?

We think you should laugh. So today, at 8pm on ALL PUPPET PLAYERS FACEBOOK PAGE, we are airing The NeverEnding Story: Live & Legless!

But once it airs, we are removing it immediately. The only chance to see it aired live will be tonight at 8pm.

However, if you are a Patreon subscriber, we are going to be allowing you the opportunity to watch it for the next 14 days on a special link. If you would like to sign up to be a monthly subscriber- CLICK HERE.

If you had purchased a ticket for RESERVOIR DOGS, we will be in touch soon. We might have new dates already picked out. Check your email next week for more details.

We are also doing a live show from Hamlet's garage every Monday night at 8pm on Facebook Live.

Don't miss all of the things we are trying to do to make you laugh. We all NEED it!

Tonight's Show:
The All Puppet Players bring you The NeverEnding Story: Live & Legless. This show asks you to embark on an adventure that has haunted children of the '80s for years. Travel to Fantasia, a magical land currently threatened by a darkness hell-bent on destroying everything it touches. Atreyu and his friends, including, a rock monster, a luck dragon, and a freaking guy riding a snail, all help him in his quest to destroy "The Nothing" and save Fantasia.

This sprawling fantasy epic will be overflowing with APP's signature wit, pop-culture references, cost prohibitive sets, and pure puppet anarchy that will lambaste and pay homage to this celluloid childhood classic.

Watch live tonight and experience the enchanted world of a young boy's imagination and behold the remarkable adventure that 80's parents thought was appropriate for kids to watch.

See you tonight!

Watch live HERE!

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