Fresh Voices: Demons and Delights Takes the Stage at Touchstone Theatre


Touchstone Theatre will present Fresh Voices, which will run February 24th & 25th, 2012 at 8pm. A production from the four Touchstone Theatre apprentices, the show is designed to showcase the collaborative process and highlight the works created by the team.

"As a dynamic foursome, the 2011-2012 apprentice class at Touchstone Theatre has been thrust into an experiment in collaborative creation," said Lisa Jordan, Touchstone's Managing Director and Ensemble Member. "We have a dynamic group of apprentices this year. We invited the community to come out and enjoy their performance."

Katy Fitzpatrick, Meggan Gomez, Nicole Javier, and Rob White unite from across the country to explore many varieties of theatrical expression, including clown, movement, and storytelling. Fresh Voices: Demons and Delights, encompasses living, loving, and learning in the 21st century.
As a group, the four apprentices tackle themes of dreams, the absurdities of the everyday, and the threshold of transformation. "This year's Fresh Voices aims to break common ground with the audience and community," said Meggan Gomez.

Tickets are pay what you will at the door with a suggeted donation of $10.00, available online at or by calling 610-867-1689.

Katy Fitzpatrick, a native of the inland northwest, is always impressed with Touchstone's ability to create something from nothing. A storyteller at heart, Katy enjoys drawing on her experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer, GED teacher, and lover of rodeos.

Meggan Gomez is a Lehigh Valley native on a mission for new perspectives. She wants to introduce you all to this crazy little girl she met this year. Her name is Pinkie. She is a touch stubborn, super affectionate and an obnoxious attention hog. She is a clown, and can’t wait to play with you.

Being three thousand miles away from the comforts of home, Nicole Javier turned to her ever-faithful journal for therapy. As the thoughts and pages turned, she faced both magical and unsettling realities within herself which will be making an appearance in this year's Fresh Voices. Through a collage of Shakespeare, music, and movement, Nicole follows the footsteps of the famous Alice in Wonderland to discover that the rabbit hole turned out to be one of the best rides of her life.

Exploring the wacky world of Buffoon, Rob White aims to expose the true nature of the performer and audience relationship. The piece is a wild ride through the emotions that people experience everyday; and through those emotions it seeks to blur the line between actor and observer. Dive into the grotesque world of Buffoon, and lose yourself in an experience you'll never forget.
About Touchstone

Celebrating over thirty years, Touchstone Theatre produces and presents cutting edge original productions, with a dedication to the renewal of theatre as a vital art form. Touchstone works to foster collaboration on a local and national level through educational and youth empowerment programs, using theatre as a community-building tool. Visit us on the web at

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