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BWW Blog: Theatre Needs to Change

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If you have not done so already, I encourage everyone, specifically my fellow white friends, to utilize various sources, such as... educate oneself on the current issues at hand within our country and our systemic oppression to the black community. This blog post can wait, but ending racism and seeking out justice cannot. Secondly, more stories have and continue to come forward in regarding sexual harassment and assault allegations. If you are in need of any help, I urge you to please seek that help:

This is a time of necessary change, change that is urgent. It is always a good and adequate time to listen to other's stories, especially those involving our world's injustices.

This is a theatre-based blog and website, so I think it is only necessary to recognize the issues within this industry. I am a white female. I have never had issues regarding my race in regards to theatre. I am privileged because of my race. I urge my readers to please listen to the stories of our fellow artists and their struggles within this community as BIPOC.

I am an aspiring theatre maker. This year in college, I have spent hours and hours watching my fellow peers and their creations. I have been blessed to see new works of art that promote love, peace, kindness, recognition, and equality while also discussing important conversations through progressive eyes. Seeing so much theatre that genuinely believes in a better overall world is so inspiring. Yet, the lack of conversation in the other parts of theatre is very uninspiring. Too many a time have professional theatres and theatrical organizations promoted an overall unsafe environment that does not promote equality and clearly does not promote change. I am an artist and I am tired of unauthentic, unprogressive, hateful art. I will not stand for that, because to me, that is not art.

I am an aspiring theatre maker. But I do not aspire to be like the past theatre creators. I think it is our responsibility as the next generation of artists to ensure theatre is a safe space for all individuals, especially the black community. I am taking time to ensure that I am not only well-trained in theatre but also receive necessary education in racism, cultures, gender, sexuality, intimacy, and other important topics. Ignorance cannot be tolerated, especially when the safety of others is put at risk.

College students from various theatre programs are coming forward telling their stories of wrong-doings at their schools. People need to be called out and actions need to be taken to ensure theatre is the welcoming and accepting community it claims to be. As the artists of tomorrow, I think it is important to think about what we can do to make not only theatre but the world a better place. Theatre needs to promote love. Theatre needs to be diverse. Theatre needs to be accepting. Theatre needs to change.

I understand this blog is a little all over the place but so is my mind and emotions. I send my love and support to all those who need it. Don't let the fight stop my friends. Also, happy pride to the LGBTQIA+ community. I won't see you at the Pride parades (stupid COVID), but I hope to see you at your local Black Lives Matter protests:)

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