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BWW Blog: Living with Three Theatre Roommates

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I would like to share some of the truths, laughs, and discoveries of living in a theatrical, city college apartment. Enjoy.

Yes, let the truth be told, I voluntarily decided to live with three other theatre majors this year. A recipe for disaster? Perhaps. After living together for a few months in the heat of quarantine, I would like to share some of the truths, laughs, and discoveries of living in a theatrical, city college apartment. Enjoy.

  • Someone is always singing. So yes, there is no silence in the apartment. Ever.

  • Conversations are often turned into full on comedic routines. Reality is always questioned in this household.

  • Tea is always spread, very dramatically of course.

  • A script is always found on the counter.

  • Furniture is often moved around for rehearsal purposes. Or for dance parties.

  • A large erray of journals, colorful pens, masks, shoes, and bags can be found throughout the apartment.

  • Each room is full of colorful lights, perfect for that selfie.

  • There is a mirror in our dining room. Full length. Gotta make sure that dance move is looking good.

  • All our furniture costs under $100, bought from other college students. You can guess what it looks like.

  • Movie night is always a character study.

  • Is each wall blank because we can't afford pictures, or because we need a self tape wall? The world may never know.

  • Each of our class schedules is on the refrigerator, just so we don't ever lose track of someone.

  • The only arguments that occur are regarding tastes of music.

  • Daily check-ins are in place. We are artists. We have lots of emotions to discuss.

  • Large philosophical questions are discussed daily.

  • While we are all best friends, we know when we have to put on our professional actor pants in the space.

  • We have learned that one person's success is a success for all of us.

  • Nights are filled with cuddles, back massages, and laughs.

  • We have the most fun when we are all together.

I hope this blog lends some insight to what it's truly like to live with other fellow artists. While we may see each other wayyyyy too much and probably find each other very annoying, I cannot imagine coming home to an apartment without their company. So, if you're thinking about living with a theatre nerd, take the chance, live with them. I promise, you will never find a dull moment.

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