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BWW Blog: Ditching the Original Plan

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I am an actress, but I have always been intrigued by other aspects of theatre, such as directing.

BWW Blog: Ditching the Original Plan

As a senior in high school, I felt 100% confident that theatre was my life passion, a passion I could not and would not abandon moving forward into college. Furthermore, I felt 90% confident that a BFA Acting Program was the correct right of passage for me. Yes, believe it or not the remaining 10% consisted of fear, doubt, and possible regret. But was 10% really going to change my mind before college auditions?

Yes, yes, I auditioned for way too many colleges. Looking back, do I suggest auditioning for that many schools? No. However, I know how we all store fears about college acceptances, so we theatre nerds have to do what makes us feel best. So, I auditioned for approximately 12 schools. I originally applied for each of the school's Acting programs. However, quickly into auditions, I realized maybe I had made a fatal flaw.

I am an actress, but I have always been intrigued by other aspects of theatre, such as directing. During my senior year of high school, I even took the initiative to apply as an Assistant Director for our school's production of Les Misérables. Additionally, in junior year, I truly fell in love with writing. You see, these other interests of mine, that are clearly evident aspects of theatre, were not so evident to me before auditioning for college.

Personally, I did not enjoy auditioning for colleges. I think many other students would attest to this as well. For me, something did not feel right auditioning. It all felt so constricting and confining, knowing I was committing myself to four years of following a strict BFA Acting track, never again to dabble with other interests.

Let me tell you friends, that panic button was punched. I spent hours trying to find other programs, other possibilities, contemplating my decisions constantly.

Another weekend, another audition, this one at Point Park. You guessed, another BFA Acting program...wait...there was another program I missed...a program that went beyond acting but still inside the walls of the theatre I knew! BFA Theatre Arts?!?! A combination of performance, directing, playwriting, and theatre-creation, what a perfect degree for me! Luckily enough, I was able to snag an acceptance from Point Park, making me a proud sophomore BFA Theatre Arts student:)

Before college, I had many individuals explain to me how interests change and perspectives shift in regards to education. However, as I explained, I was 90% sure I knew what I wanted to do. Yet, that 10% of uncertainty led me to where I am today, completing a degree that includes not one but three of my main interests. Friends, changing your mind and venturing outside of your comfort zone is okay. In fact, we need to encourage being adventurous. How else will we discover the deepest layers of ourselves? Ditch the original plan, stick to the original plan, or alter the original plan, do what brings out the most inner and beautiful you.

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