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Who Played Performer in The Cat and the Cherub

A. G. Andrews Broadway1914
Benjamin Kauser Broadway1914
Cushing Donnell Broadway1914
David Powell (ii) Broadway1914
Emilie Polini Broadway1914
Emily Carroll Broadway1914
Forrest Macomber Broadway1914
Geoffrey C. Stein Broadway1914
Gladys Hill Broadway1914
Harry Mestayer Broadway1914
Holbrook Blinn Broadway1914
Jean Murdock Broadway1914
Lewis Edgard Broadway1914
Marie Hassell Broadway1914
Marion Holcombe Broadway1914
Master Carroll Broadway1914
Master Kauffman Broadway1914
Mitchell Lewis Broadway1914
Robert Burns Broadway1914
Ruth Benson Broadway1914
Vaughan Trevor Broadway1914
W. H. Gilmore Broadway1914
Walter Kingsford Broadway1914