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Who Played Performer in Rose-Marie

Arthur Deagon Broadway1924
Arthur Ludwig Broadway1924
Dennis King Broadway1924
Dorothy MacKaye Broadway1924
Edward Ciannelli Broadway1924
Frank Greene Broadway1924
Lela Bliss Broadway1924
Mary Ellis Broadway1924
Pearl Regay Broadway1924
William Kent Broadway1924
Charles Meakins Broadway1927
Ethel Louise Wright Broadway1927
Frank Harrington Broadway1927
Grace Wells Broadway1927
Houston Richards Broadway1927
James Moore (ii) Broadway1927
Karyl Kunkel Broadway1927
Neil Moore Broadway1927
Paul Donah Broadway1927
Peggy Pates Broadway1927
Donald Gage Milburn, NJ (Regional)1943
Rosemarie Brancato Milburn, NJ (Regional)1943
Eddie Foy, Jr. Los Angeles1945
Frances McCann Los Angeles1945
Irene Manning Los Angeles1945
Walter Cassel Los Angeles1945