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Stillness of July at Hudson Guild Theater


3/3/2020 - 3/7/2020


Hudson Guild Theater

441 W 26th St, New York, NY
Manhattan,NY 10001
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Phone: 646-919-2723

Stillness of July in Off-Off-Broadway

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STILLNESS OF JULY by Reyna de Jesus.Stillness of July follows Sara, a young, driven, professional woman in New York City. Finding love in a big city is hard...especially when you are focused on your dreams. Sara wants to make her dream of owning her own veterinarian practice a reality. She forgets all about love and focuses on her career, when she meets Lamar. Every time Sara and Lamar are together it is as if time stands still. They have the perfect relationship, they are soul mates, they complete each other-except for one problem-it's not the right time. They are two lovers separated by time. A lot of time....27 years. Sara's protective older sister Mia, does not approve. Her best friend Rose, is happy that she found love. Will love be enough? Sara has to look into the relationships with her sister, friend, mother, and other women to answer that question. Is love enough? Are we being good sisters? Good friends? Good daughters? Good mothers? Are we and helping the women in our lives? The answers to these questions will teach Sara about parenthood, sisterhood, friendship, love, life, and even death.Stillness of July is an off-off-broadway play written, directed, and produced by Reyna de Jesus. It will be presented by The Hudson Guild Theater's NY WinterFest on March 3 @6:15 PM, March 6 @4 PM, and March 7 @9PM. Stillness of July is eligible to be nominated for the following awards: BEST ACTRESS, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST SINGER, BEST MUSICAL SCORE, BEST STAGE MANAGER, SET DESIGNER, LIGHTING DESIGN, BEST CHOREOGRAPHY, and BEST PLAY.You might be wondering why this play should interest you. Well, the production is a part of history. The creative team of this play is completely made up by WOMEN OF COLOR. The cast is made up of powerful women and supportive men. Throughout the play we see how important it is for women to support each other, celebrate our triumphs, encourage each other to be the best, and push each other towards success, instead of competing with one another.

Hudson Guild Theater Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hudson Guild Theater located?
Hudson Guild Theater is at 441 W 26th St, New York, NY, Manhattan, NY.

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