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Running in Place at Dixon Place




Dixon Place

161A Chrystie Street
New York, 10002
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Phone: 2122190736

Running in Place in Off-Off-Broadway

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The play deals with mental health, love and loss. Rebecca and Zoe, the two protagonists, relive their relationship from their first date to their last conversation to figure out where they went wrong and what led Zoe to leave. Zoe stops Rebecca from trying to kill herself by showing her that she is not to blame and that she needs to let go of the situation in order to move on. The themes of the play are dealt with in a delicate, yet a lot of times funny way.

Post Show Review:

Chiara Cimmino
New York, November 2019

Running in Place is a story about memories, mourning and guilt. The two protagonists could be partners or friends, any gender. It doesn't matter, because most importantly, the story is about love: how three people experience it and the pleasures and hard times that come with it.
Hasnain Shaikh gives birth to three delicate characters, stuck in a labyrinth of memories; young director Isabella Uzcátegui designs his play through a suspended and almost surreal atmosphere. The set design is halfway between being minimal and baroque, built by all the symbols of the protagonists' lives. Giorgia Valenti, Maria-Luiza Müller and Ana Moioli pull off amazing performances. Their strength on stage is their internationality: their backgrounds are different from each other, they act in a language that is not theirs. This helps them communicate in an authentic way and stay out of the usual cliches. The play is simple and, at the same time, powerful. The three actors are capable of portraying pain and loss with delicacy and lightness. Their shared energy on stage grew throughout the performance in an emotional and narrative climax. Et Alia have found their voice in the New York theatre scene with Running in Place. We, the audience, are looking forward to discovering their next steps!
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Cast and Creative team for Running in Place at Dixon Place

Giorgia Valenti - Rebecca

Ana Moioli - Zoe

Maria Müller - Brea/Penelope/Mother


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