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LGBTQ Short Play Festival at Triangle Rainbow Theate


2/27/2021 - 2/28/2021


Triangle Rainbow Theate

Live Streaming Via Zoom

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Triangle Rainbow Theater creative director Anthony Fusco will be presenting it's first annual LGBTQ Short Play Festival of one acts on Saturday FEBRUARY 27th & Sunday FEBRUARY 28th @ 3:00PM & 5:00PM, and Saturday MARCH 6th & Sunday MARCH 7th @ 3:00PM EST. All performances will be live via zoom. These are not recorded performances! Each play runs approximately 10-15 minutes in length, with a variety of comedy and drama. You will be able to watch both groups A and B with one link registration for one day only. You must register every time you want to watch the plays on a different day.

Register here:

Group A Plays
Saturday FEBRUARY 27, 2021 @ 3:00PM & Sunday FEBRUARY 28, 2021 @ 5:00PM EST.

Bathroom Pep Talk by Blanca Del Loco (2 humans, a bottle of wine, and a whole lot of emotions)

Chlamydia in The Closet by J Myles Hesse (Coming out never burned so bad)

It Ain't Over Till The Pink Lady Sings by Allison Fradkin (If you're a lesbian thespian in a production of Grease, you can think straight. You just can't Pink straight)

Beautiful F.....G Cars That Don't Run Properly by Cori Christina (On a late night drive, a gay couple argues over the future of their relationship)

The Concept of Gender by Frankie Eisenhut

Boy by Cris Eli Blak ("Sometims the most uncomfortable conversations are the ones we need the most.")

Group B Plays
Saturday FEBRUARY 27, 2021 @ 5:00PM & Sunday FEBRUARY 28, 2021 @ 3:00Pm EST.

God's HR by Lauren Montes (Divine Intervention over Zoom)

Texas Transit by Teddy Rodriguez (They are not ready for Texas, nor Texas is not ready for them)

Sunny Side Up by Dana Hall (Sometimes it's the small things that matter most)

Boys to Men by Aaron Leventman (Will a 20-something slacker (Devon) grow up in enough time to support his HIV+ partner (Richard) during the height of the AIDS crisis?)

Crush Play by Joshua Brown (When affection becomes fixation, both reality and memory begin to fracture. Moments of little significance can become the pillars upon which grand delusions are built)

Red and the Wolf by Ingrid Oslund (Little Red seeks Big Bad Wolf....Let's play.

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