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Evening with Stephen Crane



Evening with Stephen Crane at Manhattan Repertory Theatre


8/24/2018 - 8/25/2018


Manhattan Repertory Theatre

17-19 West 45th St.
New York, 10036

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Evening with Stephen Crane in Off-Off-Broadway

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Evening with Stephen Crane is a fifty-minute one-man play directed by Janice Orlandi and features Chris Ostrowski as The Red Badge of Courage author entertaining American visitors at his home in England in August 1899. Crane tells about his adventuresome life, including tales about The Red Badge of Courage, his shipwreck, his short-lived friendship with Teddy Roosevelt, and his involvement in a New York Police scandal during the days of Tammany Hall. Audiences will experience Stephen Crane's humor and charm and story-telling prowess as he regales them with anecdotes from his life as a reporter, novelist, and war correspondent. They'll learn how Crane became an early champion of Women's Rights and meet the man who inspired Ernest Hemingway and 'The Lost Generation.'"

News About Evening with Stephen Crane at Manhattan Repertory Theatre

Evening With Stephen Crane Brings The Red Badge Of Courage Author To Asbury Park
November 08, 2019

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