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Cowboy Mouth show poster

Cowboy Mouth at Theater Lab Atelier

Dates: (4/25/2024 - 4/28/2024 )


Theater Lab Atelier

357 W 36th St. 3rd floor
New York,NY 10018

Phone: 786-624-1437

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Cowboy Mouth Cast and Directors:
Cavale- Julia Poll
Slim- Nelson Vivas

Lobster Man/Co-Director: Dante Billups 
Co-Director/Stage Manager: Maria Sirigos 

We would like to perform this production because we feel this story shares a unique journey of two artists who struggle in many ways. The play explores extreme absurdity and brings a new sense of play to the traditional story of “the dream”. The fusion of Slim and Cavale’s lives, struggles, and dreams are reflective of real life. They explore and say things that people are often too afraid to say. The two characters dive into internal roles that are not typical for their exterior appearances. This exploration of character, musicality, and  lingering rage is what captivates our craft towards the play."- Julia Poll and Nelson Vivas

She kidnapped him, stole his days, and turned his mind inside out for years. In a one-bedroom apartment which reeks of lust, shame, sweat, and rock-n-roll, Slim and Cavale live a million lives. From the words of Sam Shepard and Patti Smith comes “Cowboy Mouth”, a poetic brawl which tip-toes the line between love and hate and traces the homemade heartbeat of two dreamers who would give their lives to make somethin out of nothin. Chaos and absurdity must erupt at some point. A dreamer may die, but their dreams linger in the thinnest of air.

About True Mirage: 
True Mirage Theater presents socially conscious, thought-provoking theatrical experiences spanning across numerous genres and styles. Our performances are artistically formulated to illuminate the minds of our audiences, while also entertaining community members from all walks of life. We are a playground for emerging artists: fostering and nurturing never-before-seen works of arts. 

True Mirage was founded by Daniel Gil and Darcy Hernandez-Gil



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