'Summer and Smoke' Opens at Clurman Theatre

The Big Sky Theatre Company is proud to present Tennessee Williams' SUMMER AND SMOKE at The Clurman Theatre at Theatre Row. Summer and Smoke will be performed Wednesday through Saturday at 8:00 PM and Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 PM. Tickets are $18.00 and are available at Ticket Central, 212-279-4200. The show will run from August 20th-31st 2008 and you can also purchase tickets online at: www.ticketcentral.com.   

A sensuous story of longing and rebellion, Tennessee Williams' Summer & Smoke was hailed by The New York Times as "a gently torrid parable of body and soul ... charged with passion and anguish". A lonely minister's daughter, Alma Winemiller (Mary Sheridan), lives in her stifling parent's home in a small-minded Mississippi town. Her only solace: a secret lifelong love for the former boy-next-door, Dr. John Buchanan (Michael Frederic), now a fully-grown, wandering-eye bachelor. Tortured by her unrequited passion, Alma's spiritual devotion becomes pitted against John's sensuous need for physical desire, and their turbulent relationship becomes an emotional battle of wills that will irrevocably alter each of them forever.

In their inaugural production, Big Sky Theater Company presents this under-appreciated classic, written by what many consider to be greatest playwright ever to grace the American stage.  "We are following and honoring the inspiration and poetic insight of Tennessee Williams," says cutting-edge director Tlaloc Rivas, already a buzz-name in the regional theater. "It is our endeavor to rediscover this intimate and powerful love story that underscores the contradictions of the human heart." This startlingly modern love story will transport audiences to the poetic and sensual world of Williams' Gothic South.

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