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Rattlestick Playwrights Theater and New York Theatre Salon Present GLOBAL FORMS THEATER FESTIVAL


Rattlestick Playwrights Theater and New York Theatre Salon Present GLOBAL FORMS THEATER FESTIVAL

Rattlestick Playwrights Theater and New York Theatre Salon will present the Global Forms Theater Festival. Running June 22-28, 2020, and showcasing over 30 theater artists from 28 different countries, this week-long theatrical event celebrates and uplifts the work of international and immigrant theater artists living in the United States and abroad. Through a series of online performances, videos, documentaries, workshops, and panel discussions, the Global Forms Theater Festival uses multiple art forms and aesthetics as a means of exploring humanity, freedom, home, and isolationism. This Festival gives a critical opportunity to uplift the voices of International Artists during this global pandemic and to share those works with audiences around the world. All events are free and open to the public. Visit for more information.

A complete schedule of events follows. All times listed are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).


Tuesday, June 23 at 11am
Zoom Story - Anansi and his Six Children
Ages 3-9; 30 minutes

Zoom Story is a digital theatre initiative that started in Lockdown to keep kids entertained in an active way. It's like a TV screen that responds back to children and asks their help to tell the story. This time around, we will be telling the story of Anansi and his Six Children, a West African folktale about gratitude and parental love. Zoom Story was created and will also be narrated by Sarah Bitar, with puppeteering being performed by Dorothea Gloria and Russell Legaspi.

Wednesday, June 24 at 6:30pm

A theatrical dance performance by Argentine director and projection designer Stefania Bulbarella. This event will take place in a park in Brooklyn at 6:30pm on Thursday, June 25, while live streaming on Zoom. This ode to New York City is inspired by a shift, a pandemia, and a city in flames.

Thursday, June 25 at 7pm; Friday, June 26 at 2pm
Oh YES! Eve & Adam: The Return

A performance exploring our relationship with the anatomy of our body and the forbidding of our senses. Created & performed by Kasper Klop, in collaboration with Elizabeth Mak as video designer Morwenna Spagnol as director. Drawing from their cross-continental practices, they use a mix of theater, puppetry, clown and live video design.

Please bring any fruit of your choice to the performance.

This world premiere of Oh YES! Eve & Adam: The Return is a new installment in a performance series, following Eve & Adam (Anatomy live art cabaret at Summerhall, Edinburgh in March 2019) and Eve & Adam: Inauguration (Voila! Europe Theatre Festival, London in November 2019).

Friday, June 27 at 5pm

Food is central to all of our cultures. A stop motion animation/podcast of our favorite recipes, and just a taste of our cultural background. Featuring artist Riw Rakkulchon, special thanks (Luiza Reis, Chrysi Sylaidi, Sarah Bitar)

June 27 and 28 Untitled video series

Untitled is a short video series about what we, as immigrant artists, hear and see while living and working in the U.S. These collections of words were told by strangers on streets, colleagues at work and sometimes close friends. Participating artists include Yee Eun Nam and Naomi Gonzales Kahn.

Saturday, June 27 at 12pm
Time Zone Free

Time Zone Free will be a 2-hour online performing and musical spectacle! This show will connect dozens of artists with audiences from all over the Globe under the umbrella of music. Actors, musicians, performers and many more will break Time Zone limits participating from all over the word and passing the baton from one to the next with no breaks! They will perform original and or classical pieces in their native tongue or in English while being accompanied by traditional music from their respective countries. This event will be hosted and presented by Chrysi Sylaidi, a NYC-based Greek Actor, Producer and Director.

Sunday, June 28 at 4pm
Through My Eyes
Closing night premiere & talk

When the world shuts down, what do immigrant artists living in New York City see? In this short video, several share their perspectives through poetry, monologues, and images.


Monday, June 22 at 5pm

Global Gabble with Ecuadorian choreographer and performer Fernando Moya Delgado, Filipino actor Dorothea Gloria, and Australian director Benita de Wit

A daily 30-minute group discussion spanning arts & snacks, songs & childhood games, and much more.

Monday, June 22 at 6:30pm
Opening Night - Virtual Potluck
An opening night celebration that includes a virtual potluck. Guests are welcome to prepare their favorite dish and to join the festival's Zoom party where they will meet all the artists who will be participating in the Global Forms Theater Festival.

Tuesday, June 23 at 5pm
Global Gabble with Thai set designer Riw Rakkulchon and Brazilian actor Luca Rodrigues

A daily 30-minute group discussion spanning arts & snacks, songs & childhood games, and much more.

Wednesday, June 24 at 1pm


Are you an international artist looking for collaborators? An institutional employee looking to hire International Artists? No matter who you are or where you're from, we'd love to have you. Come speed network with some of the incredible International Artists involved in the Global Forms Theater Festival and others interested in theatre-making that promotes cross-cultural collaboration.

Wednesday, June 24 at 5pm

Global Gabble with Japanese performers Resa Mishina and Manatsu Tanaka

A daily 30-minute group discussion spanning arts & snacks, songs & childhood games, and much more.

Thursday, June 25 at 10am

Global Theater Connections: China

Global Theater Connections is a virtual panel discussion series that features international theater companies and theater producers to discuss the challenges and strategies of creating theaters while social distancing.

Thursday, June 25 at 5pm

Global Gabble with Singaporean multidisciplinary theatre artist HanJie Chow and British-Egyptian costume and character designer Dina El-Aziz

A daily 30-minute group discussion spanning arts & snacks, songs & childhood games, and much more.

Friday, June 26 at 6:30pm

Global Gabble with Viveca Chow, Luiza Reis, and Greek theater artists Chrysi Sylaidi

A daily 30-minute group discussion spanning arts & snacks, songs & childhood games, and much more.

Sunday, June 28 at 2pm

Introduction to Naked-Hand Puppetry

Ages 14+

In this practical workshop, French-Dutch multidisciplinary artist Kasper Klop offers a glimpse into the infinite world of possibilities that comes with animating just your hands, drawing inspiration from the Belgian practice of nanodances. This initiation to the foundations of naked-hand puppetry will be a chance to check in with your body and senses in a mindful way from wherever you are. No prior experience is required.

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