Christian Borle, Michael Urie, Lillias White & More to Join TWITS IN LOVE Special Event

Guests include Mary Testa, Kiera Allen, Ann Harada, Dakin Matthews, Stephen DeRosa, James Monroe Iglehart, Teddy Yudain, and Eric Wright.

By: Jan. 27, 2022

Join the cast from the new hit audio comedy, TWITS IN LOVE as they plunge into the depths of the steampunk world brought to life by Broadway Podcast Network. Hosted by writer/director Tom Alan Robbins' (The Lion King, Little Shop of Horrors) and producer/director Dori Berinstein (Is This a Room/Dana H, The Prom), guests include Michael Urie, Christian Borle, Mary Testa, Lillias White, Kiera Allen, Ann Harada, Dakin Matthews, Stephen DeRosa, James Monroe Iglehart, Teddy Yudain, and Eric Wright.

Watch the cast in a special event starting on Friday, January 28, 2022 at 5:00 pm at BPN.FM/Twits.

Tune in below:

Cyril Chippington-Smythe (Michael Urie) lives in sybaritic splendor with his steam-powered valet, Bentley (Dakin Matthews). When not lounging about at home sipping a cup of lapsang souchong he frolics with the other idle rich at his club, TWITS. Life would be bliss indeed if not for the toothy Alice Witherspoon (Helen Cespedes) who is determined to marry Cyril whether he likes it or not. To complicate matters, Cyril's chinless cousin Binky (Christian Borle) is just as determined that Alice shall be his. The ever-resourceful Bentley devises an elaborate stratagem to effect the transfer of her affections, unaware that Alice has ulterior motives that may lead to the destruction of civilization. Whose plan will succeed? And what of Cyril's imperious Aunt Hypatia (Mary Testa) who is determined to see him married and the shy but brilliant Pansy (Kiera Allen), not to mention the censorious club hatter Ahmed Ben Fitzwilliam (James Monroe Iglehart) and C. Langford Cheeseworth (Stephen DeRosa), a shiny-headed habitue of Cyril's club whose eccentricities of accent come and go according to his whim.

It is a world of steam-powered servants and factory-made food in which the privileged few, like Cyril Chippington-Smythe, whose every wish is instantly gratified, have nothing to live for but pleasure... and fashion... and love.

Sound inviting? Well, you're invited. Come drift away on a comic cloud. The dining room is serving Impossible Mutton today and there's a Brandy and Prozac with your name on it.

The cast includes Kiera Allen (Hulu's Run) as Pansy Freehold, Christian Borle (Smash, Peter and the Starcatcher) as Cheswick Wickford-Davies (Binky to his friends), Helen Cespedes (The Cripple of Inishmaan) as Alice Witherspoon, Stephen DeRosa (Boardwalk Empire and On The Town) as C. Langford Cheeseworth, Ann Harada (Avenue Q, Cinderella) as Mrs. Oakes, Taylor Iman Jones (Head Over Heels, Groundhog Day) as Officer Cleary of the Yard, Dakin Matthews (To Kill a Mockingbird, The Iceman Cometh, Waitress) as Bentley, James Monroe Iglehart (Aladdin) as Ahmed Ben Fitzwilliam, Nick Sullivan (Orange is the New and Newsies) as Uncle Hugo, Mary Testa (Oklahoma!, Wicked, Guys and Dolls) as Aunt Hypatia, Michael Urie (Ugly Betty, Buyer & Cellar) as Cyril Chippington-Smythe, Teddy Yudain (Little Shop of Horrors) as Rodgers and Evans, and Lilias White (The Life, Fela!) as a disembodied, omnipotent voice.

TWITS IN LOVE is created by Tom Alan Robbins; Directed by Tom Alan Robbins and Dori Berinstein; Produced by Dori Berinstein, Alan Seales & the Broadway Podcast Network; Sound Design and Editing by Brett Ashleigh; Sound Engineering by Alan Seales, Brittany Bigelow, and Kimberlee Garris; Additional Sound Effects by Eric Wright; Executive Produced by Liz Armstrong; and the Broadway Podcast Network Team: Beatriz Westby, Katie Rosin, Ayanna Prescod.