30 DAYS OF NYMF: Day 19- Zapata! The Musical

30-DAYS-OF-NYMF-Day-19-Zapata-The-Musical-20010101Book by Peter and Ana Edwards
Music and Lyrics by Peter Edwards

With only a few exceptions, Mexican revolutionary liberator Emiliano Zapata is my favorite human being who ever walked this earth. I'm not alone in this assessment. John Steinbeck felt the same way. So do Bruce Springsteen and Tom Morello, Harvard educated lead guitarist for RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Like Nelson Mandela in South Africa, Zapata fought for the rights of his people with love. What a perfect subject for a Broadway musical! It sings, it dances, it speaks deeply to the human heart.

Yesterday, to witness our fabulous cast of seventeen, led by the incredible Natalie Toro, sing WE FIGHT FOR WHAT WE LOVE, the closing number of the show, brought tears to all our eyes. Each cast member spoke of what he or she fights for, from stopping child abuse, to gay rights to the prevention of cruelty to animals. There wan't a dry eye in the rehearsal studio. Bless you, Elizabeth Lucas. This is such a beautiful way of expressing what our show is about. No matter what pain or hardship we all go through, it's crucial to continue fighting for what we love!

My wonderful wife Ana and I have been fighting passionately to bring our show ZAPATA! to the New York stage. We set out to write a romantic musical combining the poetic lyricism of Mexican mariachi with the edgy social consciousness of Bruce Springsteen. What if ZAPATA! took an idealistic, confused, Occupy Wall Street protester back in time to the Mexican Revolution and showed him the proper way to fight for a better world?

With the help of our phenomenally talented collaborators (and now dear friends) Elizabeth Lucas and Luis Salgado, and our incredible crew and cast, we have created a spectacle that we hope will move you and make you think.

ZAPATA! is Ana's and my letter of love and gratitude to the universe.

¡Que Viva Emiliano Zapata!

- Peter Edwards

To buy tickets or to learn more about Zapata! go to www.nymf.org/zapata or call 212-352-3101







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