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Posted: April 16, 2021
Audition Location: Boston, MA

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Jodi Purdy Casting Is Now Casting for The Glassblower’s Daughter!

Jodi Purdy-Quinlan is casting all parts for an original musical set to premiere at the historic Regent Theatre in Arlington, Mass., October 2021, and produced by Lightning House Players, a theatre company located in the Boston area.

We are seeking non-union performers for a live theatrical performance.

We need singers, dancers, actors, and circus performers, e.g., contortionists, jugglers, hula hoop dancers, and any other specialty skills you may possess!

Talented dancers and circus performers regardless of vocal training are encouraged to apply!

A stipend up to $200 is available to all performers.



Book by Zareh Artinian, Jr.
Music and lyrics by Kelvyn Koning
Original choreography by Katherine Encarnação


The Glassblower’s Daughter is a coming of age story about a teenager living in a fictional early American colony. This inspirational tale follows Sandy as she learns to find her voice and grows empowered to fight against the injustices she sees, despite the limits imposed upon her by her community.

Character Descriptions

Emma / Narrator - Sandy’s mother, late 20s, motherly, protective, and joyful. There must be something special about her if she was able to lighten the Glassblower’s heart.

Young Sandy - Approximately 10 years old, cute, buoyant, optimistic 

Sandy - A feisty 16-year-old girl, torn between loyalty to her father and a desire to carve out her own path in life.

George, the Glassblower - A man with a hardened heart, 40s; Sandy’s father. George spent years as an indentured servant. He enjoyed a brief period of happiness in his life, but it was taken away from him too soon when tragedy struck. Hides away from the rest of what he sees as a cruel, unforgiving world, while worrying about what will become of Sandy.

Kiminuna - Native American healer, any age. A friend to George, while wary of the Governor.

Governor Littleworth - A pompous man in his 40s-50s. Narcissistic, full of himself, grandiose to an obscene level.

Lady Littleworth - The governor’s wife, 20s-40s, materialistic, shallow, opportunistic, and those are her good qualities!

The Potter - World-weary, overworked member of the colony. Dealing with his own personal tragedies, but unlike George, not yet ready to give up the fight. 30-40s

Ratcliffe - Resembles a rat in manner and appearance, early 20s. Lovelorn, loyal, and sympathetic. The Potter’s son, he believes he’d been cursed by a witch and longs for acceptance, while experience has taught him not to get his hopes up.

Percival Grey - An idealistic young man, newly arrived in the colony, age 18-22; stage combat experience a plus

Captain Shrug - No-nonsense officer, 40s-50s, emissary of the king.

Master of Revels - Leader of the exiled troupe of entertainers, 30s. Not as entertaining to others as he is in his own mind.

Katerina - A fearless Russian animal tamer, female, early 20s; requires a Russian accent

Captain of the Guard - A dedicated, but world-weary warrior in his 40s; stage combat experience a plus

Foreman - Cockney Workman, 30s-50s; requires a Cockney accent

Page - A teenager

Soldier - Strapping young man, 20s; stage combat experience a plus

The parts below may be considered members of the ensemble:


  • Tailor
  • Pewtersmith
  • Hatter
  • Farmer
  • Painter
  • Customers

Members of the Troupe:

  • Contortionist
  • Jugglers
  • Acrobats
  • Hula Hoop Dancers



We will hold two rounds of auditions.

Due to COVID-19, we are offering three different audition methods. You need only participate in ONE:
1. Submit pre-recorded video.
2. Schedule a time to audition live over Zoom.
3. Schedule a time to audition in person in the Boston area.

All initial email correspondence must include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Age
  • Your Preferred Pronouns
  • Contact information and the best way to contact you: email, text, phone call
  • Preferred Role
  • Singing Range
  • Willingness to consider other roles: Yes or No
  • Which of the specialty skills we’re looking for do you possess, if any

1. Submitting Pre-Recorded Video:
If you would like to submit pre-recorded audition videos, please follow the following steps.
Send an email to: with “SUBMISSION – YOUR LAST NAME” in the subject line and the following information:

  1. Links or attachments for two (2) video recordings of cuts of different songs. The first cut should be from the Golden Age of Broadway Musicals or Sondheim; the second cut should be a contemporary pop song. Length: 1 minute each
  2. Links or attachments for a one to two (1-2) minute video recording of a dance routine that shows off your strengths as a dancer. Style may be jazz, ballet, or contemporary.
  3. Links or attachments for a video recording of a two-minute monologue from a professionally-produced, contemporary (i.e., 20th century or later) play or musical. The monologue may be either comical or dramatic, or both. No original works or self-written pieces! Clearly identify the title and author of the show in the recording. Authentic accents of a non-English native speaker are encouraged.
  4. OPTIONAL: Circus and Specialty Acts only: If you have any special skills and talents, please send links or attachments to a video recording of up to two minutes in which you demonstrate your skill. WE NEED PERFORMERS WHO CAN PLAY MEMBERS OF A TRAVELLING TROUPE THAT INCLUDES A CONTORTIONIST, JUGGLERS, HULA HOOP DANCERS, ACROBATS, ETC.!
  5. You must also include a headshot and resume.

2. If you want to schedule a Zoom audition, be prepared to perform the items listed in 2-5 above. 
Send an email to: with “ZOOM REQUEST – YOUR LAST NAME” in the subject line and answer the questions listed above.
3. If you want to schedule an in-person audition, send an email to: with “IN-PERSON REQUEST – YOUR LAST NAME” in the subject line and the questions listed above.

If you are called back for the second round of auditions, you must be available on either May 14 or May 16 to audition in person at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Mass. Remote or video auditions will not be held for call backs.

See the Lightning House Players website for more information:

How to Apply / Contact

Review the information above and send the requested materials to:

See the Lightning House Players website for more information:


First Round:
Video Submission or Request to Schedule an Audition: May 5, 2021 by midnight
Live Auditions: May 10
Zoom Auditions: By appointment (to be held no later than May 11)
Second Round:
Call backs: May 14 and 16, 2021
Rehearsals: September 7, 2021 - October 21, 2021
Performances: October 22, 23, and 24, 2021

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