SEATBELTS REQUIRED - Prescott Center for the Arts Non Equity Auditions

Posted: June 13, 2014
Audition Location: Prescott, AZ

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When: July 21 & 22    7pm

Where: Stage Too!  (next to and behind Peregrine Books.  Entrance in the alley)

What: After their mother’s funeral, three sisters gather at their childhood home and try to come to terms with the destruction their mother brought to their lives.  In the process of clearing out the family home, they find themselves reevaluating everything they thought they knew about their childhoods, themselves and each other. As the afternoon progresses, they are shocked to discover that their divergent memories, old hurts and long held resentments have created the toughest "save-or-toss" project of their lives. The sisters hesitantly try to connect through remembered laughter and shared sorrow of living with their alcoholic and thrice-married mother, and the ongoing damage she caused to their lives. As sometimes harrowing memories are brought to the surface, they struggle to realize that, though they have been wounded, they are connected by a deeply shared bond and they can only look to each other for healing.   

List of Characters

Janet: Age Range (late 30's-early 40's)

Older sister: She is tense, reserved, and judgmental and extremely internally fragile. She was forced to care for Agnes and Maggie due to her mother’s excessive drinking and carefree lifestyle. She was treated more like hired help, Cinderella, than a daughter from her mother. She is extremely bitter but there is something inside her that is trying so hard to overcome her past issues so she can finally move forward

Agnes: Age Range (mid-late 30's )

Sweet, caring, needy, desparate for some sort of bond with her siblings -The proverbial “middle sister”: She was treated as a shadow in her mother’s eye. Something her mother only thought of if she accidentally stepped on it. So she is constantly trying to bring her sisters together and mend their relationship. She wants the loving family she never had.

Maggie: Age Range (mid 20's-mid 30's)

The wild child, younger sister: Maggie was more than a handful when she was younger, but she has grown to be a strong-willed, and minded young woman. She is very curious about the new family dynamic now that their mother is gone. Feeling some freedom now, she is egger for acceptance from her siblings, which is difficult because she was Mothers’ favorite and is still resented over it.

The play takes place in the living room and dining room of sister’s family home. Their mother has passed and they are returning from the funeral


Suzy Campbell

Box Office Manager

Prescott Center for the Arts

208 N. Marina

Prescott, AZ  86301



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