JEKYLL & HYDE - Davis Musical Theatre Company Non Equity Auditions

Posted May 6, 2024
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JEKYLL & HYDE - Davis Musical Theatre Company

Callbacks: Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 7:30pm

Opens Friday, September 6, 2024

Plot Synopsis

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic thriller, Jekyll & Hyde is the gripping tale of a brilliant mind gone horrifically awry, set to a powerful pop-rock score by Frank Wildhorn with book and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse. In an attempt to cure his ailing father's mental illness by separating “good” from “evil” in the human personality, talented physician Dr. Jekyll inadvertently creates an alternate personality of pure evil, dubbed Mr. Hyde, who wreaks murderous havoc on the city of London. Includes such popular songs as: “This is The Moment”, and “Someone Like You”.

All Roles Open

Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde- Henry Jekyll is a doctor. His character is driven by the aim to improve the plight of those inflicted with mental illness – particularly his own father. In pursuit of this goal he attempts to distinguish what causes the swing between good and evil within man and to find a chemical formula that can separate the two in order to eliminate the “evil” element of a man’s personality. For this he requires a human subject and when the board of governors of the Hospital in which he practices reject his proposal, dismissing his claims as unlawful and blasphemous, he sets out to prove his theory by using himself as the subject. Edward Hyde is Jekyll’s alter ego - the evil portion of the man that is Jekyll – coming into existence when Jekyll tests his potion on himself. As Jekyll continues the experiments Hyde begins to take over. There is a flaw in the formula and as Jekyll fails to find the exact chemical combination to stop the process, Hyde grows stronger and Jekyll is no longer in control of when the transformations take place. Jekyll’s unconscious anger at those who have slighted him takes form as Hyde, who wreaks revenge by killing them one by one. As the balance of power between these two characters shifts, we see that there is a part of Hyde in Jekyll, in the passions that sometimes are glimpsed and the anger that he holds in check toward those who thwart his progress. There is part of Jekyll always in Hyde, which we glimpse in his sometimes tender moments towards Lucy. Jekyll and Hyde are pivotal in the piece and so we need someone with presence, skill enough to play both aspects and great stamina. He must have the acting ability to portray two separate identities as well as being able to sing the range and style of the separate personalities too! Jekyll has an elegance, propriety and manners, which belies his situation and breeding. We need an ability to portray stillness, bearing and class whilst still having raw energy and passion. Hyde has an animal magnetism; he is rough, earthy and perverse. His physicality is manic, as if unleashed from bonds. He is passionate to the point of obsession. Carnal and guttural, he exudes sexuality and power.

Lucy Harris, the main attraction at The Red Rat- Lucy is an actress/whore who lives above The Red Rat, a rather seedy drinking establishment in the locks at Camden. She is, in her own eyes, an actress who gents come to watch as part of the floor show at The Red Rat. She has to work as a whore in order to keep her room and rent. She takes things as they come, knowing that there is little better life for her, although she does dream there is. She, like all the girls at the Rat, is at the mercy of pimp and proprietor Spider. Lucy is a pivot point in the piece for both Jekyll and Hyde. She is the epitome of the carnal desire within each of them. Jekyll, with his will and “goodness” keeps that desire well in check, but Hyde, as the unbound spirit of Jekyll, can’t and won’t keep that desire checked. To Lucy, Jekyll is an ideal, something she will never have. Hyde is all she believes she deserves. We need a performer who can really act through song. Vocally this is a challenging role and stamina is essential. A ‘Musical Theatre belt’ voice rather than a pure mezzo. The ability to dance/move would be an advantage – especially for ‘Bring on the Men’. Lucy is an emotional animal, brash and bold but also sensitive with a touch of despair. She is sexual and knows her own body, she is not scared to show it or use it!

Emma Carew – Jekyll’s fiancée- Emma is the daughter of Sir Danvers Carew. Emma is a graceful, elegant young woman, with spirit and a joy of life. She is courteous, deferential and dutiful, but very much has her own mind and is slightly headstrong. In Jekyll’s company she shows a great love and has an easy, fun and flirty manner around him. She makes Jekyll smile. She is all that makes him feel wanted, loved, respected and knows she will support him in everything. Emma, as a character, needs to hold her own against Lucy, in the audiences’ eyes. She cannot be seen to be wet, but needs a real softness. She’s the epitome of propriety. Vocally she should have an entrancing voice, easily singing in soprano range. She is essentially the opposite to Lucy in all things; Emma is effectively the “light” to Lucy’s “dark”.

Gabriel John Utterson – lawyer and friend of Henry Jekyll- John is Jekyll’s best friend, confidant, lawyer and supporter. He is an upstanding man, regarded well by his peers. Serious, somewhat sombre attitude and not given to laughter or joviality, but has an underlying humour. He is a gentleman; however he must have knowledge of the ‘ladies’ who frequent the Red Rat! Jekyll is his equal, both intellectually and in standing and they have an ease when together. Character wise, we need someone who holds himself with bearing. He is assured of himself and is knowledgeable. The character gives a feeling of control, but with empathy and a touch of humour. Vocally strong and persuasive but with a good top range too.

Mr. Simon Stride- Stride is effectively the Secretary of Board of Governors of St Jude’s Hospital. He is a rival to Jekyll both as a physician/scientist and within their social sphere. A man who was born into wealth and who believes that his status and money should be able to get him anything he wants, including Jekyll’s fiancée, Emma. Stride is a similar age to Jekyll, perhaps a little older. He should be unlikable and come across as bitter. He is petulant and outspoken, but ends up looking the weaker man because of it.

Sir Danvers Carew- Sir Danvers is a genial man, who has no need to prove his standing in society or his influence over others. As Chairman of the Board at St Judes Hospital, he had, in his day, been a highly respected physician. In later years, with his knighthood, he has deferred career for retirement and highly revered enough to be allowed to preside as Chairman of the Board. Highly protective of his beloved daughter Emma, to the point he questions her engagement to Jekyll. However, she is able to convince him of her commitment. We need to see the love of a doting father in his acting and singing, as well as the unease he feels towards his future son-in-law.

Bishop of Basingstoke- As his title suggests, he a man of the cloth. Likely on the board to make sure that religious strictures are placed upon development of medicine. Outwardly, a man of God – making sure everyone knows what a ‘do-gooder’ he is. However, he has a penchant for very young prostitutes. This character is particularly sleazy.

General Lord Glossop- Typical military man. He is pompous, exacting and probably was a paper pusher rather than has actually seen any front line fighting in his time. Overbearing and full of his own self- importance. Again, believes he is an upstanding member of society but enjoys the vices that title and money enables him to enjoy. A bully.

The Right Honorable Archibald Proops- A Q.C. and government official. Busy man, “quick and methodical”, likely equates everything to it’s relevance to the law. He would be the guiding force on the board of governors in terms of what is lawful, so would be quick to quash anything that he deemed ill advised. Although medical testing on human’s was not illegal at the time, it could bring the hospital into disrepute. Perhaps his ‘vice’ was money, bribery or corruption?

Lady Beaconsfield- She is mature, takes great care of her appearance, fashionable and flirts with those men around her. She is outspoken, to the point of rude, and has a great regard for herself and her own self-importance. Not particularly nice but likely to be on every society list as guest! She especially enjoys her jewels – pearls, diamonds etc. Very rich and finds the poor disgusting!

Lord Savage- Lord Savage is noted in the script as “having better things to do” and those things are probably to see and be seen around town in the best clubs, establishments and company. Titled from birth, he’s probably used his money to gain status. He is a bit of a dandy. Likely would be first to be seen with the newest fashions and slightly “overdone” in the clothing department. Perhaps his vice was opium?!

Nellie Prostitute/Madam- Nellie is a “baiter” and whore. In other words, she’s a woman who stands outside the Red Rat and entices gents into the establishment. She is glamorous (or as much as one can be). Once a whore, she has now ‘moved up’ to running the brothel and looking after the girls. Hard and rather unsympathetic to those she employs.

Spider, proprietor of The Red Rat/Pimp- Nasty, seedy and evil. He uses and abuses the prostitutes as well as fleecing the customers of the pub. Spider frequents the Red Rat but can be seen ‘lurking’ in the top end of town too. He is given to violence and will make a point with his fists rather than words. A great cameo.

Poole - Jekyll's manservant- Jekyll’s butler. Faithful to his employer, Poole is the epitome of discretion. He would, without question, do anything asked of him of his master

EnsembleMinor Singing/Speaking Roles: such as, Mr. Bisset, an apothecary Minister at wedding, Priest at Funeral, A Newsboy, A Pimp/Dandy Red Rat Girls, Ladies & Gentlemen at Sir Danvers house Jekyll’s Father in mental hospital Ensemble Characters The rich and poor of Victorian London. During the ensemble numbers there will be opportunities for solo lines, duets trios etc. Minor singing and speaking roles will be taken from the ensemble and assigned after auditions.

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