MURDER & MAYHEM - The Handsome Cab Non Equity Auditions

Posted: January 13, 2020
Audition Location: York, PA

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This will be for the Fringe Festival in York, PA August 19th to the 23rd with 2 performances.  Ticket sales will be split among the actors.

Murder Mystery that is set in a modern restaurant with multiple relationships, divorces, and entertainers vying to be the best.  Someone is Murdered by this cast of crazy characters.  Some clues along the way that lead you to a possible conclusion.  Was it Ginger the server?  She finds out her boyfriend was sleeping with another.  Was it Anita Hanke?  Someone at the restaurant had an affair with her husband and caused her to be a divorcee and she is stalking them.  Was it Raphael?  He certainly has his issues.  Join Sergeant Pepper and Salt to help solve the myster

Ginger (server):                                                 

Fannie Davis (Pianist)                                               

Phillipe Vanderwalt: (Agent & Singer)    

Anita Hanke (Divorcee)                           


Too Loose Labeck (Art Critic)                                          

Raphael (Bartender)                                

Linda Loopner(Intoxicated Customer)    

Maria (Singer)                                            

Roxanne (Singer)                                  

Reese (Owner)                                         


Host at the Restaurant                                                            

James (Server)                                           

Sgt. Pepper Anderson:  Detective            

Sgt Salt:  Detective   

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