IN A YELLOW WOOD - Baltimore Playwrights Festival Non Equity Auditions

Posted: May 8, 2014
Audition Location: Baltimore, MD

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a Baltimore Playwrights Festival production

Produced by Spotlighters Theatre

by Garry Kluger

directed by Stacey Bonds


Monday, May 12,  7pm

Tuesday, May 13,  7pm


Be prepared to read sides with other actors.

Please bring all conflicts -

Performances:  Aug 15 - Aug 31, 2014

Thur, Fri & Sat - 8pm;  Sun - 2pm ( 11 performances)

Rehearsal will begin tentatively June 2, 2014

and run Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur 7p-10p.

A final schedule will be provided once casting is completed.


Synopsis:   Jeremy Levin loved three things the most in the world: writing children's books,

his English country home, and his wife Kate. Not necessarily in that order. When Kate suddenly dies in a traffic accident, Jeremy's life falls to pieces. Brought back to his home in Baltimore by his best friend Stacey, Jeremy is encouraged to seek help in dealing with his wife's death, something he hasn't been able to do in the year since she died. As Jeremy enters therapy not only does he start to deal with Kate's death, he also winds up learning more about his relationships with those he's been the closest to his whole life -- his mother, his sister, and his best friend.


JEREMY:  30s - Jeremy never intended to be an author. It just sort of happened the same summer he went to England and met Kate. They married and he started writing. Jeremy has a lot of trouble going on after Kate's death and doesn't seek any help, but his family and best friend give it to him anyway. 

LOUISE:  Age Open - Louise is Jeremy's therapist. She is razor sharp and no-nonsense. She can calm and at the same time provoke when she feels it is necessary to get Jeremy's attention. She is charged with the task of getting Jeremy "back."

STACEY:  30s - Stacey has been Jeremy's best friend since they were kids. She is a network news executive and a very forceful woman. She goes to England and brings Jeremy home so that he can heal with his family. As he's going through his therapy they both learn about other feelings they have.

LUCY:  60s - Lucy is Jeremy's mother. Lucy sees things in a very black and white fashion, which means that she and Jeremy rarely see things eye-to-eye. They care about each other deeply, but one would never know by watching them together. A single parent most of her life, Lucy is very direct and independent.  She never leaves anything to chance.


DAWN:  20s - Dawn is Jeremy's sister. Dawn is deaf, which makes Jeremy very protective of her. She truly loves her older brother, but has a hard time convincing him that she is no longer a child. She also would love Jeremy to come to her with his problems, but he never seems to ask for her help.   

KATE:  20s/30s – Kate was Jeremy’s wife and could best be described in the all-too-overused term of free spirit. Once Jeremy met Kate there was no one more important in his life or anyone he loved more.   He sees her death as something never to be gotten over and his own life is now much less important.  


Please direct any questions to:  Stacey Bonds at 

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