HUMAN ERROR - Pegasus Theatre Project Non Equity Auditions

Posted: May 1, 2018
Audition Location: Princeton Junction, NJ

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CALL TYPE: Paid non-union

CONTRACT: $200 stipend

AUDITION DATES: By appointment. Sign up for a time slot at
Sunday, June 3, 7-10pm
Monday, June 4, 8-10pm
Callbacks: Thursday, June 7, 7pm

West Windsor Arts Center, 952 Alexander Rd., Princeton Junction, NJ

Director: Jennifer Nasta Zefutie
Stage Manager: Gavin Knox


PLAY SUMMARY: The East Coast Premiere. After an unfortunate mix-up by a blundering fertility doctor, Heather is mistakenly impregnated with the wrong child. Now, two very different couples—one super-liberal and the other ultra-conservative—face sharing an uproarious nine-month odyssey of culture shock, clashing values, changing attitudes and unlikely friendship.


Madelyn (30s, Caucasian): A PhD holding academic turned yoga instructor who is suspicious and distrusting of conservatives. Vibrant, passionate, dynamic. Keenan’s wife.

Keenan (30s, African American): A PhD holding academic who specializes in researching and analyzing comedy as a form and genre. A self-described socialist. Charming, with an aversion to conflict. Madelyn’s husband.

Heather (30s, Caucasian): A suburban stay-at-home mom to three boys. Warm and welcoming, she is pleasant and likable. The consummate host. Jim’s wife.

Jim (30s, Caucasian): Entrepreneurial small-business owner who likes to hunt and is a bit fanatical about Ohio State. Boisterous and macho, he doesn’t always pickup on social cues. Heather’s husband.

Dr. Hoskins (50s +): A well-respected reproductive endocrinologist who runs the fertility clinic and makes the career-ending mistake. Conflict- averse and terrified of lawsuits. He handles the stress and embarrassment of his mistake very inappropriately.

PREPARATION: Please bring a prepared comedic or dramatic monologue from a published work. Please also be prepared to perform a cold reading if asked. Sides will be provided for callbacks.

For additional information and to sign up for an audition slot, visit:

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