CALLING ALL KATES: A NEW MUSICAL COMEDY - Prima Theatre Non Equity Auditions

Posted: October 25, 2019
Audition Location: Lancaster, PA

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"Calling All Kates"

Music & Lyrics by Jeremy Schonfeld 

Book by Emily Goodson


Non-union paid opportunity

Housing provided as needed


Rehearsals begin February 3

Show runs Feb 22-March 14

Please prepare video of a comedic contemporary musical theatre song for the following lead role that applies:

KATE - Female, mid to late twenties. Contemporary Mezzo/Belter.  Bright-eyed and quirky. Naive and kind-hearted despite a rough upbringing. She has an almost childlike wonder for the world around her and does her best to always look on the sunny side of life. Kind of a dorky Anna Kendrick/Ellie Kemper type.

MARC - Male, late twenties to early thirties. Bari-Tenor. Recently dumped before his wedding. Hates any sort of change to his routine. Awkward, anxiety-ridden, and definitely not the type of guy who is comfortable just "going with the flow". More worldly than Kate, but still has a teenage mindset about romance. A dorky, young Hunter Foster type.


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