BARE: A POP OPERA - New Vision Players Non Equity Auditions

Posted: December 19, 2013
Audition Location: River Edge, NJ

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From the community theater company who recently brought you their exciting Fall show,
Celebrate The Magic: Heroes & Villains, and seven sold-out performances of Les Miserables this past summer, New Vision Players holds auditions for their spring 2014 musical-- BARE: A POP OPERA!

Monday, January 6th
Tuesday, January 7th

7 - 10 PM

Grace Lutheran Church
925 Fifth Avenue
River Edge, NJ
*Follow signs to find audition area within building.
We will be located in the upstairs chapel.

All roles are for those 17 and older.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

- One song of the contemporary, pop-rock genre. It can be musical theater or not.
Preferably not a song from the show. 16 - 32 bars, please.
- Please have a second song prepared, just in case we ask to see it.
- There will be no cold reading
- There will be no dance call

Thursday, January 9th from 6 - 11 PM at Grace Lutheran Church

Two weeknights (Tuesday & Thursday nights, from 7 - 10 PM) and one weekend day (Sundays)

March 20th at 8 PM
March 21st at 8 PM
March 22nd at 2 PM & 8 PM
March 23rd at 2 PM

All performances will be at the Fair Lawn Community Center, in Fair Lawn, NJ!

PETER: Attractive, but delicate features. Supposed to be an 18-­year-­old boy,
a little nerdy is acceptable. Tenor, up to an A.

JASON: Attractive and built, strong features, athlete, also supposed to look like
a senior in high school? can pull off a teenage jock. Tenor, up to an A.

IVY: Very attractive, can pull off a "slutty" look. Can be a bitch, but also has a softer side,
a neediness to be loved and accepted. Mezzo, with belt to E flat.

NADIA: Should be physically bigger than Ivy? needs to contrast Ivy with harsher features
and more reserved wardrobe? needs to be unafraid and uninhibited. Mezzo, with belt up to C.

MATT: Slightly socially awkward, needs to be able to pull
off a desperate school boy crush. Bari-tenor, up to G.

LUCAS: Drug dealer? can look sleazy, but also needs to be a Catholic school boy?
can pull off the bad boy act. Must be able to rap.

TANYA: Drug dealer's druggie girlfriend? should be physically attractive,
but slightly run down and trashy

DIANE LEE: Role is written for an Asian girl, but mostly looking for a girl
with solid comedic timing? should also be able to pull off a nerdy goody-­goody type

ZACK: He plays basketball with Lucas and Jason? should be athletic,
but a slacker in school; too overly focused on his sports competitions

ALAN: Also plays basketball with the guys? good student, has a ton of trouble getting dates?
he's a little socially weird, but always means well? doesn't have to be too athletic
or attractive? no physical requirements

KYRA: Close friends with Tanya? picture the two of them as "Mean Girls". A little slutty,
and not the brightest girl in school, but again, has to be a Catholic School Girl?
think of her as a toned down, not as aggressive version of Ivy

RORY: Super nerdy and very into her religious studies? takes her education
and career very seriously? also takes Romeo & Juliet very seriously

CLAIRE: Caring, but naive mother in denial? loves her son (Peter) dearly, but can't face the truth
of his sexuality? should be able to pull off a middle-aged woman. Mezzo, with belt to C

SISTER CHANTELLE: Must exude sass and confidence? needs to own the room every time she's in it?
does not tolerate incompetence or failure? expects the best from her students? at times she's very crass, but she's also a Nun.
Mezzo/Soprano, must be comfortable riffing/vocal ad lib and gospel singing.

PRIEST: Brilliant and learned man? must be able to pull off an older middle-aged character?
in his blind­sided brilliance, he is closed minded to the needs of his students
and holds true to the needs of the church. Bari-tenor up to G.

All students should have plenty of experience holding vocal harmonies.
All cast members should be confident being the only person on a voice part.
All characters must have pop/rock vocal sound with large ranges.
We are casting 15-20 people; each role is absolutely featured in the show.
All roles are available!

Director/Lighting Designer: MICHAEL HABER
Musical Director: DAVID MAGLIONE
Choreographer: AMY SHERA
Assistant Stage Manager: JACOB HAURY
Properties Master: LAURA IACOMETTA
Production Manager: AMANDA VILLAFUERTE

Please visit our website,, for more information! We hope to see everyone there!

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