Review: HAMILTON at Saenger Theatre

You absolutely do not want to miss this one!

By: Jun. 24, 2022

Review: HAMILTON at Saenger Theatre Let me begin by saying I am a true Hamilton fanatic. I have seen the Disney + recording more times than I can count and my brain is a constant loop of the Hamilton soundtrack. Suffice it to say: the bar is very high for me.

I am thrilled to report that the Angelica cast of the Hamilton tour lives up to my expectations.

Even if you have watched the recording of the show, there is nothing like seeing it on stage. The scope of this production is out-of-this-world. You'll cheer along when the cast chants "We won!" at the Battle of Yorktown. You'll want to snap your fingers with the Schuyler sisters. You'll sob at the final duel.

But as incredible as the set, stage, and lights are, the cast truly brings this production to life. In this particular cast, the two standouts for me were Deejay Young as Alexander Hamilton and Zoe Jensen as Eliza Hamilton. Deejay was the Hamilton understudy and I, for one, am so grateful that we were able to see his portrayal of the character. He brought a confidence and clarity to this role that I have yet to see. Bonus points to him for really nailing each age of Hamilton.

Zoe Jensen is on another level of talent. Previously performing in Dear Even Hansen on Broadway, Jensen plays Eliza with a passion that was electric. When she belted out "Burn," I doubt there was a dry eye in the house.

The rest of the cast was outstanding as well. I particularly love the ensemble in Hamilton. Their contribution to the overall story keeps this show moving in an exciting, captivating way. Paul Oakley Stovall as George Washington has the exact presence you'd want from our first President. And of course, Peter Matthew Smith was quite the crowd-pleaser as King George.

This is my second time seeing Hamilton, and I must say it is my favorite live performance so far. If you have an opportunity and the means to see this show, I highly encourage you to go. And don't forget to bring your energy, too. The cast feeds off of our applause, noise, and reactions. New Orleans, let's make sure this cast knows what an incredible audience we can be.