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Student Blog: Harry Styles Love On Tour


A Night Full of Magic, Love and Happiness

Student Blog: Harry Styles Love On Tour

There is nothing I love more than attending concerts and anyone who knows me is familiar with the fact that I would do almost anything to see my favorite artists on tour at least once, if not multiple times. Since the pandemic began in early 2020, this aspect of my life completely disappeared as live music came to an immediate halt and there were no concerts happening whatsoever. But prior to all of this, I purchased tickets to see Harry Styles, an artist I have loved and followed for about ten years now, on his upcoming Love On Tour which was scheduled for the summer of 2020. Almost two years later, due to postponement and safety precautions shifting to allow live music to happen again, I finally got to experience the shows and see him in concert again! And despite how I've been to countless concerts in my life so far, there has never been one more incredible than Love On Tour.

In total, I have five planned shows to see Styles on tour. Four were actually purchased prior to the pandemic and one was spontaneous as a friend from college invited me along just a week before the concert. But the four I specifically looked forward to attending were all at Madison Square Garden, the iconic arena that resides in the middle of New York City. So far, I've seen Styles a total of three times on this tour. One show in Philadelphia with my friend and two at The Garden with two more that are still upcoming. But I cannot say enough good things about how amazing this tour is for a multitude of reasons.

Any show at MSG is full of a kind of energy that can't be found anywhere else. It's my favorite venue to attend concerts at solely because those shows are always more special and the atmosphere is unique specifically to the famous building. Love On Tour was no exception. The air was full of unbelievable energy, love and happiness which alone was enough to bring a smile to everyone's face. Add in the magic and emotion that Styles' music holds and it's a concert like no other. If you ask anyone who has seen him live, the answer usually includes something about how he is a fantastic live performer. And if that wasn't clear already, Love On Tour certainly solidified the idea.

The setlist included a variety of songs that have become highly popular and showcase the unreal musicianship that Styles possess. Love On Tour was announced prior to the release of the singer's sophomore album in 2019 which was beyond successful. So it wasn't a surprise that every song included on the album was performed live along with several of the most loved tunes from his debut and the iconic "What Makes You Beautiful" from his One Direction days. Dedicated fans knew every word, but others who didn't were still entranced by the bright lights, upbeat tempos and excitement that never faded.

Because of the variety of music choice, the show was both a giant dance party and extremely emotional. While a majority of the concert was full of dancing, screaming out the lyrics and having the best time, there were also moments where tears were shed or the crowd grew quiet just to enjoy the heart wrenching ballads that were being sung. These few minutes were so powerful and only added to the overall experience of seeing Styles live. For many, these songs have been a saving grace throughout such an unprecedented time and to finally hear them live made it very hard not to get teary eyed.

At the end of the day, I can't recommend seeing Harry Styles in concert enough. His shows are energetic, unforgettable and are so full of love that it's unbelievable. I haven't ever experienced a concert like the ones I have been lucky enough to attend on Love On Tour. Styles transforms his own songs with a different style on stage, makes everyone forget about their worries for a few hours and constantly reminds the crowd that he's thankful to have them in attendance. For someone who has completely sold out every single show on this tour, it's sweet to hear that your presence is valued by an artist you love. If you have the chance to see Styles in concert, go for it! You won't regret it one bit and I can promise you that it's a once in a lifetime experience everyone should have.

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