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Spring Awakening show poster

Spring Awakening at The Flint Repertory Theatre

Dates: (6/7/2024 - 6/23/2024 )


The Flint Repertory Theatre

1220 E Kearsley St
Flint,MI 48503

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Spring Awakening explodes onto the stage with a raw and powerful exploration of teenage angst and sexual awakening in a repressed society. Set in late 19th-century Germany, the musical delves into the lives of a group of adolescents yearning for connection and understanding in a world shrouded in strict moral codes and a lack of sex education. Melchior, a rebellious and intelligent young man, grapples with his burgeoning sexuality and clashes with the rigid expectations of his parents and teachers. His friend Moritz, a sensitive and overwhelmed student, struggles under the pressure to excel academically. Wendla, a curious and innocent girl, longs for knowledge about sex and intimacy, a topic shrouded in secrecy. Spring Awakening's power lies in its unflinching portrayal of teenage desires, frustrations, and the devastating consequences of societal repression. Through a hauntingly beautiful rock score and emotionally charged lyrics, the musical explores themes of rebellion, first love, heartbreak, and the search for identity in a world that seems determined to keep them in the dark. While not for the faint of heart, Spring Awakening remains a groundbreaking and important musical, sparking conversations about sexuality, education, and the complexities of growing up in a world that often fails to understand the needs of its youth.

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Ann D. Elgood Theatre is at 1220 E Kearsley St, Flint, MI.

The Flint Repertory Theatre is at 1220 E Kearsley St, Flint, MI.


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