A FEW GOOD MEN Announced At Theatre Memphis

A Few Good Men, a courtroom drama full of twists and turns, opens at Theatre Memphis in the Next Stage September 13 and runs through September, 29 2019. Set in 1986, an apathetic military lawyer is assigned to the case of two Marines charged with the murder of a fellow squadron member at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. Upon the assumption that an illegal retaliatory order was given to cover up a commanding officer's actions, Lieutenant Commander Joanne Galloway, an Internal Affairs legal ace, thinks there is something amiss. As the defendants refuse a plea bargain based on their belief in the military code of honor, the facts come out and lead to a court martial courtroom showdown that exposes the truth.

"Where does the line between immoral and moral action begin," asks director Jeffrey W. Posson.

"I actually spoke with my cast about this. I think in this day and age the message of A Few Good Men is a little blurred and I want those shades of grey in my show. I'm not a big fan of definitive messages in the plays I direct or the stories I try to tell. I prefer to ask questions. Can you be a moral person if you follow immoral orders? What is immoral in the face of great dangers and duty? I think it's very easy for people to claim ethical superiority in modern bubbles like social media where they don't have to deal with people and situations face to face. These things are more difficult in real life. I want this production to show consequences and for those consequences to make people uncomfortable. It's not a play about good vs. evil. It's a play about where the line between the two lives."

Theatre Memphis Executive Producer Debbie Litch thinks there is no grey area when it comes to the shows produced at Theatre Memphis. "Our commitment to consistent artistic excellence is part of why we are having record-breaking attendances at our productions and are embarking on our SHINE ON capital campaign for upgrades and renovations to our theater." She continues, "Jeff's ability to have insight to a story will bring out the best of the plot. We gave him the marching orders and he has marshaled an amazing cast."

For more information visit www.theatrememphis.org.

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