Review: Broadway Across America Presents PRETTY WOMAN at Kentucky Performing Arts

Running Now - December 4th

By: Dec. 02, 2022
Review: Broadway Across America Presents PRETTY WOMAN at Kentucky Performing Arts

Movie to Musical adaptations are seeming like a dime a dozen these days, each one trying to capture an audience based on recognition of something already loved. Pretty Woman is one of the latest examples of this trend, though not the most successful. The show takes the plot you know and fairly plainly puts it onstage. It's mediocre, but in the show's defense, it is always entertaining. This is mostly due to great performances on display.

The cast is led by relative newcomer Jessie Davidson as Vivian. Vocally she's stunning, she performs pop ballad after pop ballad with great skill. She's very endearing in the role, but could stand to have a little more fun with the comedic and outlandish moments Opposite Davidson is theatre vet Adam Pascal as our leading man Edward Lewis. Edward isn't my favorite character, and this adaptation of the story paints him in ways that lack dimension, but in Pascal's case, a good performer is able to find the good in subpar material. He and Davidson had a great rapport and chemistry, and Pascal's voice ages like a fine wine, his soulful rock signature style is on full display when he gets his moments to shine.

In the supporting cast we have Jessica Crouch as Vivian's friend and confidant Kit and Kyle Taylor Parker as "Happy Man" (no really, that's his character's name in the Playbill). Crouch does solid work and has absolutely amazing vocals when given the chance to showcase them, and Taylor Parker is a true delight as his character(s) weave throughout the story. The company is rounded out by a fierce ensemble who were top notch vocally and executed director Jerry Mitchell's signature high energy style of choreography without a flaw.

The costumes were nice, but I must admit lacked the wow factor you might expect from a big flashy musical based on one of the most beloved films within American pop culture. The sets while serviceable did feel a bit cheap at times, as some were a bit more sparse than others. The music is pleasant enough, but the songs aren't destined to be remembered as some of the best musical theatre has seen, and the same could be said for the book which feels like a very direct adaptation of the film, which I'm sure many Pretty Woman purists will be delighted to hear.

Though the show isn't perfect, I can't stress enough just how amazing the cast is, they give their all on stage. Pretty Woman the Musical isn't going to change anyone's life, however it makes a more than enjoyable night at the theatre in its current state. If you're craving a taste of Broadway, Pretty Woman will be the sweet and fluffy treat to curb that desire.


Now - December 4th

Whitney Hall at Kentucky Performing Arts