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Musket and the Rat at ARENA STAGE - Theater for Arts


1/3/2020 - 1/18/2020


ARENA STAGE - Theater for Arts

1625 las palmas ave
Hollywood, 90028

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Phone: 310 600 5694

Musket and the Rat in Los Angeles

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The story Musket Cherry is a young woman living in the basement of her deadbeat mothers house in Chicago. She sells heroin to support them both whenever shes not smoking pot on the couch with her best friend, Gay Stevie.The only good things in her life are her younger brother, Weso, and her man, Billy. After Weso gets thrown in jail on a trumped-up charge and Billy gets jumped by a rival dealer who steals the bail money, Musket embarks on an odyssey of violence and revenge that ends in tragedy for all &
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Ages: Older Teens- Adults

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