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I'm Not Famous - A Musical Journey with Barbara Minkus at Santa Monica Playhouse


6/3/2017 - 7/22/2017


Santa Monica Playhouse

418 Pier Ave. #202
Santa Monica,CA 90401

Tickets Info

Phone: 310-394-9779 x1

I'm Not Famous - A Musical Journey with Barbara Minkus in Los Angeles

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Extended! It’s "tiny, talented terrific Barbara Minkus" (Backstage) in a dynamite world premiere musical, helmed by renowned director Susan Morgenstern, with musical accompaniment by Ron Barnett. I’m Not Famous is subtitled A Musical Journey with Barbara Minkus. Barbara may not be famous, but you’ve seen her ---a lot: On stage, on screen and especially on television. Other than the fact that she never became actually famous, she’s had what most performers would consider an enviable career. Because she started out as, and remains, an accomplished singer, her show business memoir is a musical one.

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