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  3. Fiftten Men in a Smoke-Filled Room

Fiftten Men in a Smoke-Filled Room at Theatre 40


11/14/2019 - 12/15/2019


Theatre 40

241 S. Moreno Dr.
Beverly Hills,CA 90212

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Phone: 310-364-0535

Fiftten Men in a Smoke-Filled Room in Los Angeles

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Chicago, June, 1920. The Republican National Convention is in full swing. Warren G.Harding is overwhelmed by the prospect of being the nominee of the Republican Party forPresident. Hounded by an ambitious campaign manager, a paralyzingly superstitious wife, astar-struck young mistress, and the frightening pull of inevitability, Harding seems destinedto be President----or is he? This play explores the extent to which fate controls our lives. Isthere a higher power that determines our destinies or are we the aggregate result of theidiosyncracies of flawed humanity?Written by Colin Speer Crowley. Directed by Jules Aaron.

Ages: 12 to Adult.

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