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Bucket List Cabaret: Dark & Dirty at Bucket List Theatre (at Three Clubs




Bucket List Theatre (at Three Clubs

1123 Vine Street
Los Angeles,CA 90038
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Bucket List Cabaret: Dark & Dirty in Los Angeles

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"Featuring an eclectic mix of sexy, DARK & DIRTY show tunes and comedy songs, Bucket List Cabaret invaded Three Clubs with an explosively entertaining evening of musical fun that kept its audience laughing from start to finish. I am not exactly sure how Ms. Conlon found (or perhaps created) such an amazing mix of naughty tunes, but I can say each one kept me laughing at the unexpected language and subject matter throughout the entire show. All of these enthusiastic performers seemed to be having the time of their lives onstage together, and I can only wonder how they managed to keep from laughing themselves at many of the lyrics! Do catch this DARK & DIRTY and incredibly fun show the next time Bucket List Cabaret brings it to a theater in the greater Los Angeles area." -Shari Barrett, BroadwayWorld

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