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The Gift of Anxiety at Greek Cultural Center


2/7/2020 - 2/9/2020


Greek Cultural Center

2680 30th St. Astoria, NY, 11102
Astoria, 11102
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Phone: 9298551651

The Gift of Anxiety in Long Island

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Feeling Anxious? Worried? Overthinking? You may be having The Gift of Anxiety.

The Gift of Anxiety is a play written by Filipina actress Dorothea Gloria who suffers from the same condition as most people living in the big city.

'Anxiety is a result', said Dorothea's character as she leads the cast filled with different parts of her anxiety. And as she tries to manage the symptoms ranging from Germophobia to actual people in the subway chasing her, she begins to see that even finding a remedy for her illness is another illness.

In the hopes of curing her self in the story, the play delivers a wild ride in the deepest parts of her fear. It's the closest thing to a true story as she performs her own life accounts on stage. It is something people can relate to. It's apparent. It's easy to ignore but it's there.

Almost seven out of ten people suffer in some form of anxiety or fear, and people deal with it differently.

Dorothea hopes that with the performance of her play, people can begin to address their own fears and begin to manage them before it creeps into their own lives as how it has crippled hers.

The play will be spreading the condition on Feb 7, 7pm and Feb 8, 9pm at the Greek Cultural Center, Astoria.

Photo by Mark Roberts

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