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Site of ADVENTURES ON OZ — Lachat Town Farm, Weston, Connecticut. - ADVENTURES IN OZ— An Immersive Theatrical Experience (Weston, Ct)
Site of ADVENTURES ON OZ — Lachat Town Farm, Weston, Connecticut.

ADVENTURES IN OZ— An Immersive Theatrical Experience (Weston, Ct) - ClockJack Productions

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COMPANY: ClockJack Productions
DATE POSTED: 3/16/2023
PHONE #: 9173270985
ADDRESS: 106 Godfrey Rd W
Weston, CT 06883

Listing Information:

an immersive theatrical experience at The Lachat Town Farm in Weston, Ct. in association with ClockJack Productions
based on the L. Frank Baum’s 1901 novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”
Rehearsals: 4/29-5/4
Performances: 8 performances 5/5-5/7 & 5/12-5/14 (2 Sat)
Performance/Rehearsal Stipend: $800
Audition date: SUNDAY APRIL 2nd, 2023 11am-5pm
All auditions, rehearsals & performances will take place
106 Godfrey Rd W, Weston, CT 06883
(1 hour north of NYC)
No housing available.
Email pic/resume/role to to request an audition time/sides
DOROTHY— A recently orphaned Gen Z teen who used to live by a beach and now lives on a farm with her great aunt and uncle. Just as she’s figuring out her new life, she is thrust into the insane new world of Oz after surviving an unexpected tornado. Funny, self-aware and always skeptical of authority figures. Katniss Everdeen meets Wednesday Addams. (Age 15-20)
THE SCARECROW— Ageless and blissfully naïve having only gotten eyes and ears the day before yesterday. The Scarecrow throws her/their self into situations with wild abandon because she/they cannot feel pain or exhaustion. Afraid of only fire, her/their sunny disposition and cock-eyed optimism becomes a positive force to her/their new friend Dorothy’s adventure to meet The Wizard. (Age 20-40)
THE LION— A lion with a large roar and equally large aspirations to be king of the forest, but not enough courage to back it up. He is neurotic and anxious and avoids confrontation at all costs. He learns to be brave and take action in the face of fear through his adventure with Dorothy. (Age 30-50)
THE TIN MAN— A once strong and brave woodsman in Oz reduced to a shell of his former self after being cursed by The Wicked Witch of The East. A hopeless romantic found rusted still in the middle of the woods, he longs to truly feel again— both pain and love. (Age 25-45)
THE GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH— One of the 4 Witches ruling the hearts and minds of the people of Oz. She is kind, mindful and would probably teach Yoga anywhere else. She takes pride in being good and always knows a little more than she lets on. She uses magic to make points and teach lessons. (Age 25-45)
THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST/AUNTIE EM— WICKED WITCH: The cruelest and most heartless witch left in Oz. She is a power-hungry, cackling, maniacal demon who rules the land of the West with fear and controls many strange beasts. She will stop at nothing to get her dead sister’s powerful magic silver shoes back and is always looking for more creatures to break to do her wicked bidding. AUNTIE EM: Dorothy’s great aunt who has spent her life on the farm. She embraces technology and doesn’t want Dorothy to repeat her same mistakes. (Age 45-65)
THE WIZARD/UNCLE HENRY— WIZARD: The feared and loved Machiavellian ruler of The Land of Oz. He is a master of illusions and spinning the truth. Beneath his polished showman exterior there is a lonely life lived that has lead him to some existential truths. He lives in constant fear of being exposed as a magic-less fraud and losing control of Oz. No one has seen his face or known his secrets until Dorothy shows up. UNCLE HENRY: Dorothy’s great uncle who is allergic to change. He cares about Dorothy’s well-being but wishes she would just grow up. (Age 50-70)
BOQ/THE GUARD— BOQ: An eccentric dandy/easily-excited leader of The Munchkins who is ecstatic the oppression of The Wicked Witch of The East is over. He welcomes Dorothy to Oz with open arms. And a song he just wrote for her. GUARD: The royal security guard at the gates of the Emerald City. Always on a power-trip, he thinks he’s important, though he has never actually seen The Wizard with his own eyes. There is a heart that can be melted beneath all of his posturing though. (Age 20-40)
Sides available here:

Salary: $800 stipend

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ADVENTURES IN OZ— An Immersive Theatrical Experience (Weston, Ct) ClockJack Productions