Review: MUSICAL 'BEETLEJUICE' at Osaka Shochikuza

Jesse of SixTONES drags guests to haunted BEETLEJUiCE world

By: Sep. 19, 2023
Review: MUSICAL 'BEETLEJUICE' at Osaka Shochikuza

Musical "BEETLEJUiCE": A musical based on film works by director Tim Burton, known for movies such as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." It premiered on Broadway in 2019 and garnered significant attention, receiving Tony Award nominations in 8 categories including Best Musical, Best Book, and Best Original Score. In 2021, it was also performed in South Korea, and a North American tour started in 2022. In Japan, it stars Jesse from SixTONES and is directed by Yuichi Fukuda.

A couple turned ghosts due to an unfortunate accident seeks to evict Lydia (Miisha Shimizu) and her parents, who have recently moved into their home, with the help of the bio-exorcist Beetlejuice (Jesse). Following Beetlejuice's advice, the ghost couple attempts to scare the residents, while Lydia, who can see ghosts, cooperates in persuading her parents to let go of the house. However, they face resistance from Lydia's parents, and when Lydia once again seeks Beetlejuice's help, things take an unexpected turn.

Before the show began, I had a slight concern, wondering if Jesse, in contrast to the original film, might appear too young and fine. However, this concern quickly faded away as the performance unfolded. With thunder, deep bass, and a congregation of mourners in black, the story commenced from Lydia's mother's funeral. In a sudden twist, Beetlejuice, singing ironically, emerged from the crowd of the attendees. He invited the audiences to the deceased world by handling his lines and singing the opening number "The Whole 'Being Dead' Thing" with his gruff voice which showcased surprisingly beautiful transition to high notes. The production was already filled with numerous references to current affairs and local story, including interactions with the audience, making it enjoyable even for regulars. Likewise, Miisha presented her exceptional vocal prowess as she sang "Dead Mom" with a powerful performance that vividly conveyed the depth of her feelings for her late mother. Later, she also sang "Say My Name" beautifully with covering the high notes.

The explosive resurrection of Beetlejuice at the end of Act One was a spectacle, with the use of pyrotechnics and stage effects effectively conveying his excitement. The musical score of the first half, ranging from ballads to Latin, already added to the richness of the experience and made it worth savoring for its musicality alone.

Review: MUSICAL 'BEETLEJUICE' at Osaka Shochikuza
Jesee(center), Miisha(middle in the right)

As Act Two begins, I could see Jesse's continuously meticulous attentions to detail in various parts of his portrayals, including his delicate and comical expressions and movements, and his contorted posture throughout each moment despite his main job as an idol. Moreover, what I thought one of the reasons he was casted was his English skill, but his other proficiencies were even enough. As the story progresses, it becomes evident that Jesse is irreplaceable as the lead in Musical "BEETLEJUiCE." What's more, he seemed to have many ad-libbed performances, inferred from other casts' reactions, but they felt so natural, leaving the me wondering, "Is this in the script?" He truly made the character his own.

On the other hand, in the afterlife where Lydia and her father become lost, a familiar character with a small head from the film made appearances which was a delightful treat for original movies fans. Scenes when Lydia's mournful remembrance of her mother and her father revealing his hidden feelings resonated deeply, drew tears by creating touching moments within this comedy. In contrast, the climax number "Jump in the Line/ Dead Mom (Reprise)" was vibrant and grand, wrapping up the show in classic comedic fashion, bringing smiles to the audience.

Overall, Miisha's performance was outstanding, and made me want to see her in other productions as well. Every Beetlejuice's song requires a versatile vocal range and a strong comedic element, like a sarcastic version of Genie from Aladdin. In musicals like this, it's common for actors to struggle with delivering comedy while singing and dancing vigorously, often giving a sense of strain. However, Jesse effortlessly handled these aspects, not only captivating with his singing but also eliciting laughter from the audience one moment after another. Musical "BEETLEJUiCE" features easily enjoyable music and a clear storyline, striking a delightful balance without being too heavy. It's a recommended choice even for musical novices.

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