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RINGO Comes to the Cameri Theatre This Month

Performance run 1 July - 27 August.

RINGO Comes to the Cameri Theatre This Month

Minutes after Danny Dingot proposes to Mika, he discovers that his penis is missing. Meanwhile, his tool - "Ringo" - is already celebrating its independence all over town. Mika is pulled into an affair with Ringo, the Police open an investigation, Shlomo Artzi comes to the rescue, and the plot thickens when Ringo enlists to the IDF and gets abducted by Hamas.

A wild musical comedy about love and intimacy, the eternal struggle between reason and passion, and how politics sneaks into our pants.

This is the first production by the "The Cameri | New Generation", the young group of The Cameri Theatre.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Performance run 1 July - 27 August.

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August 15, 2022

Willy Loman, a seasoned middle-aged salesman, is fired. His two sons, whom he believed have a bright future ahead of them, and who have always been the source of his pride, turn out to be failures. His loving wife tries to break his despair, but he keeps losing his grip of reality until the inevitable end.

GOD OF CARNAGE is Now Playing at the Cameri Theatre
August 12, 2022

What happens when two sets of parents meet to solve a fight between their children? Will it be a civilized, positive evening intended to educate their children about coexistence, openness, and mutual understanding? Or will it evolve into a violent, traumatic, hysterical evening of swearing, insults, and tears?

A HORSE WALKS INTO A BAR Comes to the Cameri Theatre This Week
August 1, 2022

This roller coaster moves rapidly between black humour and biting satire, between love and betrayal, nostalgia and regret. In stand-up, as in life, everything is possible. On this evening, which is Dovaleh's birthday and, apparently, his last performance, there's nothing left to lose.

THE GRANDSON Comes to the Cameri Theatre This Week
July 25, 2022

Based on 'Trees Die Standing' by Alejandro Casona, The Grandson comes to The Cameri Theatre.

THE WANDERING JEWS Comes tot he Cameri Theatre
July 13, 2022

Four short stories about Israelis who left the country. A couple who relocated to Berlin to open a humus restaurant, a young woman who dreamed of living in Paris, hi tech entrepreneurs in Dubai on the way to an exit, and four childhood friends who work on the sales carts in Atlanta.