DON'T FIGHT! Comes to the Cameri Theatre This Week

Performances run 14 March - 8 May.

DON'T FIGHT! Comes to the Cameri Theatre This Week

Sela is broke, Ayelet is a teacher and single mother, and Gur is a penny-pinching children's star. None of them are willing to give up the inheritance due to them, but they will have to fight a call girl who doesn't understand how she ended up with an apartment in the middle of her life.

What is certain is that she is not going to give it up. The three siblings have been used to fighting one another for forty years and will need to band together in order to get back the home they grew up in. The problem is that while they do this, they... can't stop fighting.

A new, particularly personal comedy by the team of Gur Koren and Gilad Kimchi ("The Actress", "Romeo and Mom").

Performances run 14 March - 8 May.

Duration: 105 Minutes


DEATH OF A SALESMAN Comes to the Cameri Theatre Next Month

A new version of the award-winning play (among them the Pulitzer Prize and the Tony Award), written by Arthur Miller, that has long been considered a modern classic. More than seventy years have passed since the play was written, but it remains relevant and disturbing.

RINGO Comes to the Cameri Theatre in June

Minutes after Danny Dingot proposes to Mika, he discovers that his penis is missing. Meanwhile, his tool – “Ringo” – is already celebrating its independence all over town. Mika is pulled into an affair with Ringo, the Police open an investigation, Shlomo Artzi comes to the rescue, and the plot thickens when Ringo enlists to the IDF and gets abducted by Hamas.

AS A FEW DAYS Comes to the Cameri Theatre

AS A FEW DAYS comes to the Cameri Theatre this week. The performance is on 8 May.

TRAMPOLINE Comes to the Cameri Theatre This Month

After the success of Ringo and The Wandering Jews, The Cameri: A New Generation group bring you this new and crazy comedy, which will make you jump. High.


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