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Dan Domenech And Fearless Young Artists To Present Three Industry Readings

Fearless Young Artists Productions under the supervision of LaQuest Sharnell Pringle, will present 3 invitation only readings of the Critically acclaimed plays Closer (Patrick Marber), The Submission (Jeff Talbot) and The Dead Guy (Eric Colbe) on July 15th, 17th and 19th directed by Rock of Ages star and Heathers: The Musical alum, Dan Domenech. Cast members include Jordan McDonald, LaQuet Sharnell Pringle (Memphis, Sweet Charity), Zen Pace (Narcissus), Ryan Kay, Lambert Tamin (Klein Syndicate) & Renata Soares (Out of Water - A Brazillian Pocket Musical).

In The Submission, by Jeff Talbott, Shaleeha G'ntamobi's stirring new play about an alcoholic black mother and her card sharp son trying to get out of the projects has just been accepted into the nation's preeminent theater festival. Trouble is, Shaleeha G'ntamobi doesn't exist, except in the imagination of wannabe-playwright Danny Larsen, who created her as a kind of affirmative-action nom-de-plume. But a nom-de-guerre may prove more useful as the lies pile up, shaky alliances are forged, and everyone dear to Danny must decide whether or not to run for cover as the whole thing threatens to blow up in his lily white face.

Closer, by Patrick Marber, tells the story of a quartet of strangers in a sexual square dance in which partners are constantly swapped, caught between desire and betrayal.

The Pitch: You get one million dollars to spend over the next seven days. A camera crew follows your every move and broadcasts your adventures on national television. The Hook: At the end of the die. The Best Part: The viewing audience gets to vote on the method of your death! For hard-luck Eldon Phelps, the deal is irresistible. But does America have the stomach for this much reality? What would you do if you had one week until you became..."The Dead Guy", by Eric Colbe. Stay tuned...

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