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BWW Preview: BUNGA PENUTUP ABAD Theatre Performance

The cast of BUNGA PENUTUP ABAD during the Press Conference in Galeri Indonesia Kaya, Grand Indonesia. In the picture: Reza Rahardian, Chelsea Islan, Sabia Arifin dan Happy Salma.

Marking Pramoedya Ananta Toer's 10th anniversary of the notable literati death, Yayasan Titian Penerus Bangsa collaborated with Titimangsa Foundation and supported by Djarum Foundation to held "BUNGA PENUTUP ABAD", a theatre performance, August 25-27 2016 in Jakarta Art Building. BUNGA PENUTUP ABAD is a one complete script adaptation of Bumi Manusia and Anak Semua Bangsa. Both are also featured in the novel serial Tetralogi Pulau Buru.

This highly anticipated performance also featuring talented Indonesian actors: Happy Salma as Nyai Ontosoroh, Reza Rahadian as Minke, Lukman Sardi as Jean Marais and Chelsea Islan as Annelies, also introducing new talented actor Sabia Arifin as May Marais. Directed by Wawan Sofwan (Mereka Memanggilku Nyai Ontosoroh, Monolog Inggit, Musikal Sangkuriang, Rumah Boneka and Subversif).

Public in Indonesia showed their appreciation to see this show. Their 25th and 26th August ticket sold out in less than a day after the ticket sales. This forced the organizer to add the performance date in Aug.27, which is sold out in less than 8 hours.

BUNGA PENUTUP ABAD tells a story on the life of Nyai Ontosoroh and Minke after Annelies' leaving to Holland. Nyai Ontosoroh is devastated and sent away her servants named Robert Jan Dapperste or Panji Darman to accompany wherever Annelies go. Annelies' life after departing port Surabaya and the cities that they transiting in is always posted by Panji Darman through his letters to Minke and Nyai Ontosoroh. Minke always read those letters to Nyai Ontosoroh. The letters brings nostalgia to the three of them, like the first time Minke met Annelies and Nyai Ontosoroh, how Nyai Ontosoroh sued by her half-son, until Dutch Indies court instruct Annelies to go to Holland. Later on, Minke asked Nyai Ontosoroh to go to Batavia to pursue his education as a Doctor.

Happy Salma, also credited as a Producer, stated that, "I am proud to appreciate the master work of Indonesia's great author to the theatre stage and as one of the way to introduce our young generation to Indonesia's literary works. I really hope that this performance can bring the positive contribution in preserving and increasing our love to Indonesia's literature heritage, at the same time to develop theatre works in Indonesia."

This performance also supported by many dedicated people in the field, some of them are Ayu Dyah Pasha, Happy Salma, Melyana Tjahyadikarta dan Musa Widyatmodjo as Producer, Iskandar Loedin (Art Director), Allan Sebastian (Stage Director), Deden Jalaludin Bulqini (Multimedia Director), Ricky Lionardi (Music Director), Deden Siswanto (Costume Director), Ritchie Ned Hansel (Graphic Designer) and Dr. Tompi (Photographer).

Photo Credit: Courtesy of BUNGA PENUTUP ABAD

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