Salaam Noni Appa at Good Shepherd Auditorium




Good Shepherd Auditorium

Museum Rd, Opp Patricks Church
Bengaluru, Karnataka,
Rs. 299 +
Phone: +91 80 2227 7222

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As a part of The Great Indian Theatre Festival, we bring to you “Salaam, Noni Appa” - A delightful story about the wonderful unexpectedness of life. Where new adventures, experiences, lie behind the corner, at every stage of our lives, if we only dare to seize them.

Noni Appa, an elderly widow, and her sister Binni, opposites in nature, are two sisters whose marriage, children and widowhood, is once again shared. Laugh, bicker, fight and love - as they spend their days in a familiar, comfortable if staid manner.

And then one day, Noni Appa, who has always lived in step with the norms of society, suddenly finds herself falling in love with a married man who is a few years younger than her and is torn between choosing companionship over respectability.

"Salaam, Noni Appa" is a play about breaking stereotypes, about taking chances, about rediscovering what makes life truly meaningful and worth living.


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