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Shakespeare In Vegas at 4th Wall Theatre Company


5/17/2018 - 6/9/2018


4th Wall Theatre Company

1824 Spring Street, Studio 101
Houston,TX 77007

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Phone: 832-786-1849

Shakespeare In Vegas in Houston

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News About Shakespeare In Vegas at 4th Wall Theatre Company

Andromeda's Sisters Fundraiser For Neo-Political Cowgirls Announced In East Hampton
May 13, 2019

Immerse yourself in the wild and indomitable female spirit with the Third Annual Andromeda's Sisters Gala to benefit the dance theater company The Neo-Political Cowgirls. The compelling three-day journey includes play readings, a private estate fundraiser and an interactive creativity workshop on June 14th 22nd and 23rd which can be enjoyed collectively or individually. The brain child of Kate Mueth who is the founder of the 501 ( c ) 3 company Neo-Political Cowgirls, Andromeda's Sisters is an arts and advocacy forum to create more work for women in theater and to increase the female voice in the narrative of our society's stories. Mueth brings her vibrant, unconventional, mind-expanding magic to the event. This is not your typical write-a-check and have a cocktail fundraiser. Guests will be treated to talented voices of the theater, advocacy, and legal world to expand their horizons and network with fascinating women. This is the uniquely fertile soil where community, arts and advocacy merge to grow both roots and blossoms. And men are most welcome to join in the fun. (more...)

Shakespeare in Vegas is the story of Margot, a talented but underappreciated actress desperate to escape the soul-sucking nature of New York’s theater scene. When a mysterious man offers her the chance to perform an entire season of Shakespeare she jumps at the chance. Unfortunately the season is in Las Vegas, and Vegas, it turns out, may not be the best place for Margot to get back her mojo; or is it?

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