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Tootsie show poster

Tootsie at Diamond Head Theatre

Dates: (5/31/2024 - 6/23/2024 )


Diamond Head Theatre

520 Makapuu Avenue
Honolulu,HI 96816

Phone: (808) 733-0274

Tickets: $37-$62

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Diamond Head Theatre presents Tootsie from May 31 to June 23. Michael Dorsey is a skilled actor with a talent for trouble holding down a job. Desperate and out-of-work, Michael makes a last-ditch effort at making his dreams come true by disguising himself as actress Dorothy Michaels. In a meteoric rise to Broadway stardom, Dorothy soon has audiences falling at her feet while Michael (disguised as Dorothy) is falling for his co-star, Julie. It isn’t long before Michael realizes that maintaining his greatest acting success is going to be much harder than he expected.

Tootsie is a musical comedy adaptation of Robert Horn’s novel of the same name. The show features music and lyrics by David Yazbek, with show stopping songs including “Unstoppable,” “What's Gonna Happen,” “I'm Alive,” and “The Most Important Night Of My Life.” 

Tony Awards and Nominations for Tootsie

Year Category
2019 Best Musical

Diamond Head Theatre Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Diamond Head Theatre is at 520 Makapuu Avenue, Honolulu, HI.

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