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Peter and the Starcatcher show poster

Peter and the Starcatcher at Maui OnStage

Dates: (2/23/2024 - 3/10/2024 )


Maui OnStage

68 N Market St, Wailuku, HI 96793
Wailuku, 96793

Phone: 8082426969

Tickets: $25-$45

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This show is a fascinating, watery tale of how a nameless orphan boy becomes Peter Pan, how the dread pirate Black Stache becomes Captain Hook, and how Mollusk Island becomes Neverland.  No strings. No wires. Peter sails, swims, swashbuckles, and ultimately soars on pure imagination, inspired stagecraft, and fantastic theatricality.  Peter and the Starcatcher is a chance to allow your imagination to FLY!

And did we mention pirates?


Feb 23, 24, 25 and Mar 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10

Fri and Sat at 7:30pm, Sun at 3:00pm

Historic 'Iao Theater 

*The new Wailuku Parking Garage is now OPEN!  Enter from Church St.

Cast and Creative team for Peter and the Starcatcher at Maui OnStage


Jett Batoon

Sailor, Mermaid, Part of Crocodile
Jett Batoon - is very excited to share the stage with such talented friends. Past productions include: Les Miserable, The Dixie Swim Club, and Don’t Dress For Dinner. This is her first play with Maui OnStage.

Shane Borge

Sailor, Grempkin, Fighting Prawn, Stache Understudy
Shane Borge - has been thankful to be part of the Maui theatre community for the past 15 years. From starting off as a small hobby, to slowly becoming a large part of his life, Shane has had many opportunities to be on stage across this island. You’ll most likely recognize him from shows like Other Desert Cities, Out of Order (ProArts), The Boys Next Door, The Rocky Horror Show, and Something Rotten! (Maui OnStage), or Cages or Wings and The Lion in Winter (MAPA). When not performing, Shane is a coordinator for eDesign Group. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for Maui OnStage. Big thanks to you, the reader, for coming out and supporting theatre on Maui!

Dale Button

Black Stache, Mermaid
Dale Button - is excited to bring this Peter Pan prequel to life. Playing the villain is always fun, but this show is taking "fun" to the next level! Many thanks to Kristi Scott for the leeway to do some outrageous things, to Sara Jelley for her trust in me vocally, Tina Kailiponi for her ability to make things clear in a succinct manner (and herd cats like the best of them), and an amazing cast and crew who made this all possible! "One for all and all for me!”...Black Stache

Secoya Canela

Wasp Cast: Ted, Mollusk, Orphan
Secoya Canela - This is “Giant” Secoya’s first big role in years after doing backstage and lighting work in multiple productions in Northern California. Secoya’s hobbies include skateboarding, learning languages, and rooting for SF Bay area sports teams.

Rueben Carrion

Captain Scott, Mermaid, Mollusk
Rueben Carrion - “Mr. Ruebdogg” was last seen onstage at Maui OnStage in The Boys Next Door (2019) as Lucien. Past MOS shows include Of Mice and Men, A Few Good Men, To Kill A Mockingbird, and numerous other shows. “Barron, this one’s for you! I love you, brother.”

Elisha Cullins

Slank the Sailor, Part of Crocodile, Smee Understudy
Elisha Cullins - is so thrilled to be returning to the Iao Theater stage in this large ensemble show in what’s seemed like years! But this time, embodying the darkest, dankest, stinkiest, slankiest character he could find. Elisha was actually asked to leave the theater multiple times throughout the rehearsal process due to his foul mood, appearance, behavior, and hygiene. For people who know Elisha outside of the theater, it’ll be just like watching him in his normal day-to-day life. TTFN.

Edrianne Daguio

Sailor, Mermaid, Mollusk
Edrianne Daguio - My name is Edrianne, and I have ~3 years of theatre experience in Baldwin Theatre Guild as both extras and leads. I was last seen in She Kills Monsters at the Iao Theater.

Rocco Dahl

Wasp Cast: Peter, Mollusk, Orphan, Sailor
Rocco Dahl - caught the bug 6 years ago in Theatre Theatre Maui’s production of Oliver. He was only 9 and said to his mom after the first day, “I found my people”. Rocco hasn’t stopped since! He has performed with TTM, ProArts, Maui OnStage, and MAPA in Legally Blonde Jr, Matilda Jr, Newsies Jr, Aladdin Jr, Charlotte’s Web, The Ants and the Grasshoppers, Wizard of Oz Deleted Scenes, Raise Your Voice, and most recently The Lion in Winter. He’s so excited to be working with this amazing cast/crew and fabulous directors! Sit back and enjoy Peter and the Starcatcher.

Finch Dunning-Zeches

Cat, Orphan, Mollusk
Finch Dunning-Zeches - Finch is thrilled to be making his first appearance on the big stage in Peter and the Starcatcher. The last two summers Finch honed his acting skills in Theatre Theatre Maui’s Kamp Krazy Tales where he played characters including the Tin Man, a troll, and a dalmatian. However, this is Finch’s first foray into feline foolery.

Sawyer Dunning-Zeches

Neverland Cast: Peter, Sailor, Mollusk
Sawyer Dunning-Zeches - A Lahaina native, he is very excited to be making his Maui OnStage debut in Peter and the Starcatcher. Sawyer has been doing theatre with Theatre Theatre Maui since he was 9, as well as several productions with Maui Prep. Some of his favorite roles include Jack in Newsies, the Beast in Beauty & the Beast, and Mr. Wormwood in Matilda. When he’s not performing, Sawyer has been working on college applications and enjoys playing the saxophone, traveling with his family, and spending time with his girlfriend.

Ayden Elaydo

Wasp Cast: Prentiss, Pirate, Orphan, Mollusk
Ayden Elaydo - Almost six years ago I began learning this craft, and then I went to Barbizon to advance my skills. I got to act with TTM for Legally Blonde. I loved being part of it, and still enjoy acting to this day. I was able to be in Homeschool the Musical, Matilda, and Newsies! I am excited to be Prentiss and participate in my first show with Maui OnStage. I am so glad I found my people and get to do what I LOVE to do most! Also please follow my social media @ayden.elaydo to see everything about me and what I love!

Taona S. Fiederer-Sheppard

Hawking Clam, Pirate
Taona S. Fiederer-Sheppard - I’m a fellow human, origin Pacific, region Haiku/Paia. There’s a lot left to do, so on the go is where I’m at. Taona is known to climb coconut trees, and is also known to sell them drupes! Swing by Wailea Village Market every Tuesday 7 am- 11:30 pm. I also do personal coconut delivery. Hit my plug: 1-808-856-9679. Peace.

Kapono Goring

Sanchez, Mermaid, Part of Crocodile
Kapono Goring - Kapono (14 years old) has been acting with MOS youth program since he was 8 years old. His most recent role was the mayor in Raise Your Voice, written by Tina Kailiponi Francis Tau’a. He’d like to thank the directors, cast, and crew of Peter and the Starcatcher for a fun experience of being a pirate.

Rick Haylon

Pirate, Part of Crocodile, Lord Aster Understudy
Rick Haylon - This is Rick’s first foray into scripted theatre on Maui, but he has a long list of comedic and dramatic leading roles in Connecticut including Clouseau in The Pink Panther Strikes Again, Watson in Baskerville, Rough in Gaslight, Reston in Frost/Nixon and many others. Rick also led the comedy improv troupe Perpetual Notion in CT and has performed several times with Maui Improv at ProArts.

Ruby Kingdon

Wasp Cast: Molly, Mollusk, Orphan
Ruby Kingdon - Ruby first started pursuing acting at the age of nine, taking various theatre classes with Maui OnStage and Maui Academy of Performing Arts. She has since performed in Wizard of Oz Deleted Scenes, and ONO: Same Room, Different Story. She continues to take acting and singing classes. When not acting, she can be found purposefully annoying her brother and eating a concerning amount of cheese.

Victoria Navarro

Pirate, Mermaid, Part of Crocodile
Victoria Navarro - Thrilled to return on stage after a short hiatus. Though I have mainly been a stage manager, my love for singing and being on the stage fuels my soul. I am ready to sail to Neverland, ARR you?!?

David Negaard

Lord Aster, Mermaid, Mollusk
David Negaard - is, in keeping with his character's name, ready to shine with a constellation of other stars ("aster," from Latin aster "star," from Greek aster “star"). As any child will tell you, there's a lot to be said for playing with friends! Previous appearances on the Maui stage include Don't Dress for Dinner, Rumors, Out of Order, Clue, The Rocky Horror Show, and Something Rotten.

Faith Roberts

Sailor Alf, Mermaid
Faith Roberts - When she’s not slinging around sailors, she’s slinging drinks. This is her debut role, but she looks forward to becoming a regular! She would like to thank Andy for his love and support. She would also like to thank the wonderful cast and crew for their endless kindness and laughter.

Lincoln Sherwood

Neverland Cast: Prentiss, Mollusk, Orphan
Lincoln Sherwood - Lincoln has been a part of Maui OnStage since he was five years old in Creative Critters class, and most recently Raise Your Voice with the MOS Youth Program. Lincoln is excited to take on the challenge of being in a more adult cast playing Prentiss.

Ryan Sherwood

Mrs. Bumbrake, Teacher, Mollusk
Ryan Sherwood - Ryan has warmed your heart as Bob Cratchit, made you fear the law as the Master of Justice, and now he will tickle your funny bone in the most British way possible! He is also very excited to work with son Lincoln Sherwood on another show. When not on stage, Ryan works at Old Republic Title as a marketing rep.

Marsi Smith

Pirate, Mermaid, Part of Crocodile
Marsi Smith - is extremely happy to be back on the Iao Theater stage. Since moving to Maui, she has been in many plays, including Jekyll and Hyde, Mary Poppins, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Dial M for Murder, Harvey, Cabaret, Other Desert Cities, Avenue Q, Mamma Mia, and The Graduate. Prior to Maui she spent many years on stage in New York City and throughout the east coast. When not on stage, you will usually find her in her massage studio helping people heal.

Gus Solomon

Neverland Cast: Ted, Mollusk, Orphan
Gus Solomon - Gus is excited to make his Maui OnStage debut in Peter and the Starcatcher. Gus is a sixth grader at Haleakala Waldorf School. He loves singing, acting, and performing, and hasn’t yet discovered a musical he doesn’t like. He last appeared on stage as Bobby the Elf in the ProArts production The Reluctant Elf, and he’s previously performed in youth theater productions as Agatha Trunchbull in Matilda, Miss Hannigan in Annie, and Smee in Peter Pan. Gus is grateful for every opportunity to learn from more experienced actors, directors, and crew members.

Francis Tau’a

Smee, Mermaid
Francis Tau’a - Recently seen as Santa in The Reluctant Elf, Francis has been in many productions with Maui OnStage, ProArts, MAPA, and Theatre Theatre Maui. He is a playwright and part of the Maui OnStage Youth and Education Program’s teaching staff, where he co-wrote and co-directed Raise Your Voice with Tina Kailiponi.

Lily Werner

Neverland Cast: Molly, Mollusk, Pirate
Lily Werner - Though she was born and raised on Maui, this is Lily’s first production on the Iao Theater stage. She grew up dancing with the Maui Academy of Performing Arts and only recently joined the Maui theatre community. You may have seen her as a servant in ProArts Playhouse’s Pride and Prejudice or as an elf and reindeer in The Reluctant Elf. Lily read Peter and the Starcatcher as a child and she is thrilled to go starcatching as Molly Aster!

Creative Team

Kristi Scott


Sara Jelley

Music Director

Caro Walker

Set Designer

Tina Kailiponi

Stage Director

Micah Howlett

Assistant Stage Manager, Sound Board Op

Madaline Hamada

Assistant Stage Manager, Light Board Op

Vicki Nelson

Costume Designer

Jess Nelson

Costume Designer

Nicole Belknap

Property Designer

Bob Offerman

Running Crew

Jillian Vince-Cruz

Running Crew

Daniel Vicars

Stunt Coordinator, Fight Captain, Head Rigger, Running Crew

Sam Castillo-Rueda

Spot Operator, Mic Tech

Sayler Koskey

Spot Operator

Amy Lord

Production Manager

Dawn Kealoha-Harper

Sound Engineer

Jason Wulf

Stunt Co-Coordinator

Felicia Chernicki-Wulf

Stunt Co-Coordinator

Lily Werner

Movement Consultant & Coach

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